“Rethinking US Foreign Policy” By Noam Chomsky

“Rethinking US Foreign Policy”       By Prof. Noam Chomsky Video Recorded – May 19, 2014 Click here: http://www.informationclearinghouse.info/article38661.htm Noam Chomsky, in conversation with Conor Gearty, shares his views on the Edward Snowden revelations,…

China’s EFFORTS CAN HELP MAINTAIN STABILITY in the Latin American Region

China Has Good Reason to Help Stabilize Latin American Economies In the last week or so much of the international business press has been focused on the problems of financial stability in developing countries, some of whom have recently become more vulnerable to capital outflows. The main cause is that investors are trying to get the jump on possible moves by the U.S. Federal Reserve to allow U.S. interest rates to rise, which will draw capital from developing countries and cause their borrowing costs to rise. Argentina has gotten some of this attention, as it allowed the peso to fall by 15 percent in one day and increased some access for Argentines to dollars on the official market. Venezuela is not so much affected by these market developments, but is always negatively portrayed in the international media, and more so in the last year since its exchange rate system problems have caused its inflation to rise to an annual rate of 56 percent over the past year.

French Imperialism Moves Deeper into MALI: Clashes Escalate in Gao Area As Warplanes Bomb Northern Mountains

French defense ministry officials have said that they are planning to make a withdrawal from Mali by April. Since January 11, when the French military began to bomb and launch a ground invasion into this resource-rich country, the government in Paris has declared that its operations are limited and they were only there as a precursor to the intervention of a regional force from the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS). Although several thousand troops from various African states including Chad, Nigeria as well as the national army of Mali have entered the battle alongside the French, the former colonial power also made an appeal for the United Nations to take over the operations which are really designed to secure the resources of Mali for the benefit of western industrialized states. Earlier UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon had publicly stated that direct intervention by the international body would jeopardize its personnel carrying out humanitarian work inside the country and throughout the region.

Obama to Help UN Invade Mali

The Obama administration has thrown its full support behind an upcoming United Nations-orchestrated invasion of northern Mali, with U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton traveling the region prodding assorted African regimes into supporting and supplying troops…

Syria’s President Warns of Apocalyptic War

In a rare interview with Russia Today TV, President Bashar Assad vigorously clarified his stance on the current Syrian crisis created by the West and some regional states including Saudi Arabia, Turkey and Qatar and…