Human Rights Watch Whitewashes Israeli War Crimes

HRW Whitewashes Israel, The Law Supports Hamas Some Reflections on Israel’s Latest Massacre [The analysis and data in this article refer to the period prior to the Israeli ground invasion.]   On 7 July 2014, Israel…

Ukraine, the United States and International Law

Plans for a secession referendum in Ukraine’s Crimea region on Sunday are the focus of ramped-up attacks on Russia from the Obama administration and its European allies. Additional military forces are being shifted to the…

African Truth of Israeli Apartheid: Gross Mistreatment in VIOLATION of Int’l Law

African immigrants demonstrate against racist policies of the Israeli regime. For more than six decades since its creation in 1948, the Israeli regime has hidden its crimes against native Arab people with the façade of “national security”. The Israeli usurpers have systematically stolen land from the native Palestinians, killed them, brutalized them, and pushed millions into exile or into squalid ghettos. Yet when charged with these blatant crimes against humanity, the Israeli regime defends its racist genocidal conduct in terms of security against “Arab terrorism”. It has gotten away with this despicable charade and affront to international law and morality in large measure because of the cynical indulgence of its patron in Washington.

ZIONIST APARTHEID: A CRIME against Humanity: Why Can’t the World Stop It?

In 1973, the United Nations rightly condemned “the unholy alliance between Portuguese colonialism, South African racism, Zionism and Israeli imperialism.” Only two years later, it determined “that Zionism is a form of racism and racial discrimination.” At the behest of the U.S. administration, this resolution was revoked in 1991 in order to pave the way for the Madrid Peace Conference that same year; however, equating of Zionism with racism is still valid. Apartheid is based on the establishment and maintenance of a regime of institutionalized discrimination in which one group dominates others.