Is a new future possible for the whole humanity?

 Chinese president urges Asian unity   SHANGHAI, May 20 (Xinhua) — President Xi Jinping on Tuesday called on Asian countries to promote unity, cooperation and development of the continent. Xi made the call during his…

‘Giving Out Pies in Maidan NOT Enough’: Putin Urges West to Really Help Ukraine

Europe should switch from promises to real action to help Ukraine out of the economic chaos, says Russia’s President Putin. “What’s the problem for the near future? It’s that Russia can’t bear the brunt [of helping Ukraine] in a one-way fashion,” Vladimir Putin told the Security Council meeting on Friday. That was the main reason President Putin decided to send a letter to his European counterparts on Thursday, in which he urged them to hold an immediate meeting to decide on a game plan to help the Ukrainian economy out of the crisis. If somebody treats Ukraine kindly, he should make a real contribution to help avoid a default, Putin said. “Giving out pies in Maidan is not enough to support the Ukrainian economy and prevent chaos there,” he added. The address to Russia’s Security Council largely echoed his Thursday letter, where he also stressed that Russia has so far been the only country to provide real help to the Ukrainian economy.

Russia Will Decouple Trade From Dollar

China Will Reopen the Old Silk Road as a New Trading Route Linking Germany, Russia & China Russia has just dropped another bombshell, announcing not only the de-coupling of its trade from the dollar, but also that its hydrocarbon trade will in the future be carried out in rubles and local currencies of its trading partners – no longer in dollars – see Voice of Russia Russia’s trade in hydrocarbons amounts to about a trillion dollars per year. Other countries, especially the BRICS and BRCIS-associates (BRICSA) may soon follow suit and join forces with Russia, abandoning the ‘petro-dollar’ as trading unit for oil and gas. This could amount to tens of trillions in loss for demand of petro-dollars per year (US GDP about 17 trillion dollars – December 2013) – leaving an important dent in the US economy would be an understatement.

How America Was Lost: From 9/11 to the Police/Warfare State

“If Americans keep believing the government’s lies, they have no future.” PAPERBACK EDITION HOW AMERICA WAS LOST From 9/11 to the Police/Warfare State by PAUL CRAIG ROBERTS available in US/Canada and Overseas VIEW      TABLE OF CONTENTS…

American Dream is Dead, Who Killed It?

“The U.S. worked hard to create the American dream of opportunity. But today, that dream is a myth.” Economist Joseph Stiglitz, Financial Times If you follow the financial news, you already know that the American people are on an epic downer. Just check out some of these headlines I pulled up in a five minute Internet search and you’ll see what I mean: “Gloom and doom? Americans more pessimistic about future” Las Vegas Review “U.S. Standard of Living Index Sinks to 10-Month Low; Expectations for future standard of living drops more than current satisfaction” Gallup “Americans Still Pessimistic About Economy–Almost 70 percent think the economy is in bad shape” Time Magazine ‘Slipping behind’: Are we becoming a nation of pessimists?” NBC News

Canadian Intelligence Working in the Interests of the U.S.

The «quiet Canadians», unlike the «quiet Americans» from intelligence agencies, are rarely caught red-handed when performing their duties. However, recently Canadian ambassador Jamal Khokhar was summoned to the Brazilian Ministry of External Relations. Following the…