Hillary to Julia “You take India and I’ll take Pakistan”, While an Ex-Aussie PM Says “Enough Is ENOUGH with the US”

We are now into Hillary Clinton’s 2nd day of “blitzkrieg” in Australia where she is showing her potential presidential charm and vision of dividing up the world just like the “axis” powers tried to do during WWII. Hillary now wants to “outsource” US cooperation with India to Australia so the US can work to clean up the mess in Pakistan created by clandestine missions and murder of innocent people with their drones. Hillary can’t afford Pakistan asking why the US is giving assistance to its rival India, so she innovatively came out with the “outsourcing and encirclement of China” by proxy plan. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard and her Defense Minister Stephen Smith seemed thrilled to be called upon to play “deputy sheriff ” again, and agreed to increase US marine numbers stationed in Australia from 400 to 2,500 by 2014.

VIDEO: ‘US wants tension on Korean peninsula to contain China’

[anyplayer:url=http://rt.com/files/news/us-north-korea-talks-005/ib7999acb3d044b737eb51d0d9a0f9f63_nk.flv] The US is to restart direct nuclear talks with North Korea in Beijing on Thursday. But are the negotiations likely to be fruitful and ease tensions in the region? The bilateral talks were suspended…