Part I The Jeju Naval Base Another US Base in Korea: Strategic Threat to China

Emergency Report: The Entry to Jeju Island by 3 American members of “Veterans for Peace” on March 15th were denied, detained & forcibly deported by S. Korean authorities. Check the VfP’s official press release for their Public Protest against South Korea’s pro-US, authoritarian, dictatorial and facist Lee regime in Seoul; “U.S VETS REFUSED ENTRY INTO SOUTH KOREA: Protest Friday at South Korean Consulate in New York.” As well-known already in the region and some other parts of the world as well, the Jeju Naval Base issue is not anymore a Korea-US issue only. But it’s also precisely the issue of Northeast Asian regional issue since China is automatically drawn into this very controversial geopolitical issue in terms of further intensified militarization of both Korean Peninsula and Northeast Asia region, particularly in the sense of “America’s strategic naval base as a direct military threat to China.” However, in fact, the Construction of Another US Naval Base in Jeju Island, Korea is not only regional but also global military and power struggle issues as well.