GAZA: An Inconvenient truth: The Next FEW DAYS MAY DETERMINE Obama’s Legacy … & Clinton Presidency in 2016

The Next Few Days May Determine Obama’s Legacy Before His 2nd Term Begins & Whether Clinton Will Make a Run to the Presidency in 2016 US President Barak Obama is about to make a well planned trip to Thailand, Burma and Cambodia. One would suspect that Obama’s trip was timed to maximize his exposure to and start the work to create momentum for his legacy in Asia. However although Obama may return home with a number of planned trade agreements, it will be very difficult for Obama to make any strategic ground with the conservative ASEAN nations he will visit. It is yet to be seen if the Obama administration really understands the dynamics of the ASEAN region and their reluctance to be dragged into a choice between the US and China. In fact his trip to Asia is also a risk for him with the decision to visit Burma. If the Thein Sein regime fails to progress and human rights abuses continue to occur with ethnic groups like the Roghani people, this leg of the trip could actually prove to be an embarrassment in the future.

Clinton’s Hilarious Blow-Job

(Political Satire) Why is it, that every time a member of the Clinton family has one of the highest offices in US politics, that the syllable “blow” appears more often than usual in the language…