25 Fast Facts About The Federal Reserve: “Biggest Ponzi Scheme in World History”

Since 1935, the following seal appears on the reverse side of every $1 dollar Federal Reserve Note: Annuit Coeptis is Latin for “Providence Favors our Undertakings” and Novus Ordo Seclorum is Latin for “New Order of the Ages” As we approach the 100 year anniversary of the creation of the Federal Reserve, it is absolutely imperative that we get the American people to understand that the Fed is at the very heart of our economic problems. It is a system of money that was created by the bankers and that operates for the benefit of the bankers. The American people like to think that we have a “democratic system”, but there is nothing “democratic” about the Federal Reserve. Unelected, unaccountable central planners from a private central bank run our financial system and manage our economy.

Central Bank exposed to stabilize the price

The Central Bank public the Chinese Monetary Policy Report in the second season, and point that, they would regular the demand of capital and the investment and saving behavior with controlling the means of price…