The Biggest German Newspapers Say US Blackwater behind Massacres in Ukraine

FireDogLake reported on Monday: Breaking during the weekend was a story by Der Spiegel and Bild that American mercenaries were on the ground in Kiev. According to the report 400 mercenaries from Academi (formerly Blackwater) were on the ground “involved in a punitive operation mounted by Ukraine’s new government.” Der Spiegel claims “the information originates from U.S. intelligence services and was presented during a meeting chaired by the Chancellor’s Office chief Peter Altmaier (CDU). At the meeting were present the president of the intelligence agencies and the Federal Criminal Office, as well as the intelligence coordinator of the Chancellor’s Office and senior Ministry officials.” Indeed, the German newspaper apparently claim that the American mercenaries are directing andcoordinating the attacks by the fascist Right Sector militia. Blackwater is more or less an extension of the CIA.

Breaking News: USIsrael=NATO Designs A False Flag to Discredit Russia in Syria

According to an unnamed Russian military diplomat some of the allies behind the “Syrian Opposition” are in the planning stages of a false flag operation which has been designed for the purpose of discrediting the reputation of Russia as an honest broker in the Syrian crisis. On Friday, 11 January 2012 the Russian military diplomat stated that the involved parties are in the process of recruiting Russian, Ukrainian and Belorussian mercenaries who are supposed to take part in the operation. The mercenaries would then be deployed to locations in Turkey and Jordan where large-scale scenes, supposed to represent destroyed Syrian villages have long been built for training purposes.

Breaking News: Massive Coverup on the Risks of Nuclear Melt-Downs in the USA: Higher Than It Was at Fukushima Plants

Massive Cover-Up of Risks from Flooding to Numerous U.S. Nuclear Facilities “And U.S. officials are apparently a primary reason behind Japan’s cover-up of the severity of the Fukushima accident … to prevent Americans from questioning our similarly-vulnerable reactors.” Numerous American nuclear reactors are built within flood zones: Numerous dam failures have occurred within the U.S.: Reactors in Nebraska and elsewhere were flooded by swollen rivers and almost melted down. See this, this, this and this. The Huntsville Times wrote in an editorial last year: A tornado or a ravaging flood could just as easily be like the tsunami that unleashed the final blow [at Fukushima as an earthquake]. An engineer with the NRC says that a reactor meltdown is an “absolute certainty” if a dam upstream of a nuclear plant fails … and that such a scenario is hundreds of times more likely than the tsunami that hit Fukushima: An engineer with the Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC) … Richard Perkins, an NRC reliability and risk engineer, was the lead author on a July 2011 NRC report detailing flood preparedness. He said the NRC blocked information from the public regarding the potential for upstream dam failures to damage nuclear sites. Perkins, in a letter submitted Friday with the NRC Office of Inspector General, said that the NRC “intentionally mischaracterized relevant and noteworthy safety information as sensitive, security information in an effort to conceal the information from the public.” The Huffington Post first obtained the letter.

Breaking News: Syrian Army Poised To Take Aleppo

  A special operation to flush out rebel fighters holed up in the eastern suburbs of Damascus will be over within the next few days, Syrian military officials said on Tuesday. Fighting continues in two villages outside…

BREAKING: U.S. Warships Headed To Persian Gulf

The large landing ship The Ponce, re-equipped to carry US Navy special mission units, has arrived in the Persian Gulf, a spokesman of the Fifth Fleet of the US Navy reported on Saturday. Recently, four…