Assad’s VICTORY Close as Never Before

While the world attention is focused on Ukraine, the events in Syria may significantly affect the situation in the Middle East and the world. The forces of Bashar Assad have fully liberated Homs, the third largest city of the country with a population of one million where the uprising started around three years back. According to agreement, about two thousand militants with small arms left the city. They need to be armed to repel possible attacks by Islamic State Iraq and Syria (ISIS) forces which accuse them of treason. In return civilians held as hostages were freed and aid was allowed to get into besieged populated areas. After the agreement expired, the forces leaving the city were attacked by rockets. Many died along with the force commander Abade Rahman. The two army brigades that liberated the city are expected to be re- deployed to the north where a decisive battle for Aleppo is going to start. The government forces are also successful in Eastern Guta, a Damascus suburb. They have recently received reinforcements from Qalamoun region where the government army has recently held a victory.

On current situation in Syria

The current situation in Syria remains one of the most important components of the Middle Eastern and international policies. Using Syria’s domestic crisis and pursuing their own goals NATO’s leading states, Israel, Turkey and the…