US-controlled Syria Free Army THREATENS Russian Sea Base: Tartous Facility Used by Moscow for Middle East Access

BEIRUT, Lebanon – The Syrian Free Army has announced that if the Russians intend to supply weapons to the regime of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, it will attack the Russian base at Tartous, which is Moscow’s only foreign that offers direct access to the Mediterranean Sea, according to Joseph Farah’s G2 Bulletin. 




The Russians insist on holding on to it, saying it saves money to have their warships docked at Tartous to carry out their anti-piracy missions and to have the Mediterranean Sea access. Tartous also serves as Moscow’s central intelligence post for the entire Middle East and to monitor Israeli activities.

A confrontation between the Syrian Free Army and the Russians could occur within the next two weeks, since Russian ships said to be carrying refurbished arms, including helicopters, reportedly are heading for Tartous. The ships carrying the arms also may now be under Russian warship escort.

The Syrian Free Army has many personnel who worked at the Tartous base in the past and know it well and believe they could seriously cripple the base.

The Russians, however, look upon its base at Tartous as a strategic asset and would be prepared to land troops to protect it. Some of the Russian ships are said to be carrying Russian Marines.

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