Syria: Human Right Watch Discredits Itself with Doubtful Statements

According to Human Right Watch (HRW) organization report, February 13, which blames Syrian army and its allies for using chemical weaponry in the opposition-held neighborhoods during the last stage of eastern Aleppo offensive operation.

So called “human rights defenders” presented 8 unconfirmed cases of using chemical weaponry by Syrian army from November 17 to December 13, 2016, when Syrian air force helicopters dropped chlorine bombs in the residential area. As a result of these incidents allegedly 9 civilians were killed and 200 were badly wounded.

It should be mentioned that HRW “experts” presented this news on the basis of incomprehensible phone calls and social networks posts, which hadn’t been represented in the report. However it is quite easy to find a great number of dubious photos and videos in the Internet, where we can see prays of Syrians who suspiciously speak English fluently. In these media materials, which are clearly aimed at Western audiences, people emphasize the fact that the ceasefire in Syria is not respected, and the government forces can’t ensure their safety in the besieged city.

It’s strange that HRW representatives press charges against Syrian government only on the bases of unconfirmed information and their own arguments. These matters confirm the incompetence and week awareness of the international organization regarding the real situation in Syria. They should conduct impartial investigations, based on the true facts related to the violation of human rights instead of publishing fake news.

Unfortunately the HRW report does not reflect the real facts of using chemical weaponry by terrorists against the civilians. Probably, one of the reasons is the fact that American billionaire George Soros finances the organization. In 2010 he announced that his Open Society Foundation had granted HRW $100 million for protecting and promoting human rights worldwide.

Consequently the majority of HRW reports aimed at demonizing Bashar al-Assad and the Syrian army, instead of protecting the rights and freedoms of ordinary Syrians who are really in need of assistance from the international organizations. The publication of different organizations reports is happening against the background of Syrian talks in Astana and Geneva, which aim at reaching ceasefire in Syria. Therefore the Western countries once again make efforts to create negative information background around Syria in mass media, and also try to present Bashar Assad as a tyrant, who kills his own people.


Firas Samuri, Inside Syria Information Center

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