State Department:New Investment Plan will Benefit Civil Aviation Industry

According to Shanghai Securities News, the central government is now making a strategic plan to boost civil aviation industry. “The State Council on Promoting the Development of the aviation industry,” is expected to be introduced during the year and promote the aviation industry hard and soft environment in a large scale. Li Jiaxiang, the chief of the Civil Aviation Authority of China, announced that through government guidance, market operation, the pace of consolidation and reorganization will be speed up; China will form two to three internationally competitive large-scale network-based airline companies.

It is predicted that in the next five years, Chinese government would invest at least 1.5 trillion to the whole industry, China’s civil aviation industry in the next two decades will continue its development quickly, and the future strategic position and its role will become more prominent.



 Translated and edited by Peng Bo. He is now an editor of Write to him at

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