The Foreign-Policy Shift from South to North in ‘Abe Decade’ and ‘Knocking Down BRICS’

French and British military forces aboard the helicopter-carrier Mistral arrived to the Sasebo naval port in Nagasaki, near the Tsushma Strait entrance to the Sea of Japan/East Sea, in exactly the same time-frame as the USS Carl Vinson’s entry into those waters along the east coast of the Korean Peninsula for naval exercises aimed at intimidating the DPRK leadership. The simultaneity of arrival and entry was no coincidence, since this convergence of western naval power was planned as early as six months ago when Hillary Clinton was expected to win the U.S. presidency. This well-coordinated show of force against Pyongyang, and its allies Russia and China, discloses how Shinzo Abe (安倍 晋三) was the shrewd mastermind behind President Donald Trump’s abrupt decision to dispatch an “Armada” against the DPRK. Different presidents, same White House ploy.

Demonization Campaign: ROGUE CIA-NIS Agents STAGED Murder Of Kim Jong Nam

The media campaign to blame North Korea for the airport assassination of exile Kim Jong Nam collapsed after Malaysian police failed to force a phony confession out of their chief suspect under arrest. The “Transporter” Ri Jong-choi, who was accused of dropping off two alleged female assassins to murder the half-brother of North Korea’s supreme leader, regained his freedom after intensive scrutiny of airport security videos showed his presence in or near the airport on February 13, the day of the killing. The falsely accused suspect flew to Beijing in transit to his homeland and spoke to reporters gathered outside the North Korean embassy this past weekend on Saturday March 4. His account for reporters blew apart the official cover story. Ri said that during his detention police officers “kept telling me to admit to the crime and if not, my whole family would be killed.”

Turkey Coup Arrests Bury the Soros-Clinton Migrant Crisis

Arrested hours before an obvious suicide mission, the Turkish military “coup” leaders were silenced by diplomatic arrangement between Washington and Ankara. With astounding ease, the top naval commanders for the Aegean region were rounded up…

Part II: The Religion-backed INTERVENTION Drives Manila’s Sea Crusade Against China

Part 2 of this two-essay series looks at the political players and trends that have influenced Philippine President Benigno Aquino III to adopt an inflexible stance on claims to disputed Spratly islands, which have been wrongly taken up by the International Tribunal for the Law of the Sea (ITLOS) outside of its legal jurisdiction. This analysis introduces influential opinion leaders in the social-activist wing of the Catholic Church, particularly the Jesuit Order and the charismatic movement, some of them linked with the UN-sanctioned interventions against Indonesia and Yugoslavia. A cynical distortion of core Christian teachings in service to worldly ambitions stands in sharp contrast to the commitment to peace, nonviolence and dialogue championed by the heroine of the People Power movement, Corazon Aquino, the saintly mother of a prodigal son.

Effort To Contain China FAILED: Bangladesh Strike Cuts down Abe’s Covert Naval Gambit

The nighttime attack that killed 20 foreigners in the Gulshan diplomatic district of Dhaka, Bangladesh was not simply a random terror attack since it had all the features of a meticulously prepared military-style operation against a selective target and for specific causes. The attackers identified themselves as ISIS supporters, but their demands to police negotiators included release of members of the local Jamaat-al-Mujaheedin (JM), a widespread and well-connected militant outfit that advocates an Islamic state to replace Bangladesh’s secular party system imposed by the Indian intervention that ended its union with Pakistan.


In Summary: The CIA routinely betrays and abuses German interests. The last straw is the Snowden revelation of NSA intercepts of every email out of the Chancellor’s office and eavesdropping on their phone conversations by bugging optical fiber. Germany retaliates by shutting down the joint Wharpdrive project for monitoring communications on the super-fast DE-CIX network and then expelling the Berlin CIA station chief. CIA Munich then bribes a BND file clerk to steal the Mossack Fonseca archives. After vetting the legal papers for Agency spooks, the archive is trucked to CIA-controlled Suddeutsche Zeitung, to put a stick in Merkel’s eye on her home turf. MossFon is redacted to target the leaders of the BRICS group and ALBA alliance.