UN Security Council March 17 Meeting to Authorize Bombing of Libya all Smoke and Mirrors

The false narrative they conjured up was that their military action was for the protection of unarmed civilians who were peacefully protesting for their rights. What is happening in Libya, however, is an armed insurrection against the government. The insurrection is being led by former Libyan government officials who defected and joined with other opposition forces. The Security Council resolution was crafted to provide foreign military intervention to aid this armed insurrection by attacking the military forces of the Libyan government along with other sites and installations.

Escalating Tension on the Korean Peninsula and the Role of the UN

The issue of the need for a peace treaty to end the Korean War is a critical issue. It is the obligation of both Ban Ki-moon, as Secretary General of the UN, and of the Security Council, to find a way to support the drafting of such a treaty. It is high time the Security Council takes on to meet its actual obligations.

G20 or G192? What Is Needed to Solve the Crisis?

Such actions can only deepen the crises rather than help to provide the needed solutions. The problem represented by the G20 for the majority of nations and peoples of the world is expressed in the simple question posed by Filipino activist Walden Bello–”Who gave them the authority to solve this crisis?”