South Korea’s Daughter Dictator Adopts HER Father’s Political Terror Campaign

The following letter of plea in support of Korean people’s just struggle for truth, justice and democracy is fully endorsed by The 4th Media. The 4th Media also joins wonderful friends around the world who’ve voluntarily initiated and worked hard to form the “Alliance of Conscientious People of the World.” In order to make this just effort further globally recognized and practically effective, first of all, The 4th Media, together with its global partners such as Global Research in Canada, nsnbc international in Denmark/Germany, ANSWER Coalition in Washington, DC, and so on, intends to help our Korean brothers and sisters who’ve launched their hard and lonely struggle to fight against the “US-installed ultra-right wing and anti-North regime.”

Part II The Jeju Naval Base Another US Base in Korea: Strategic Threat to China

Continues from Part I, “The Jeju Naval Base Another US Base in Korea: Strategic Threat to China I”: Introduction to Part II Prof. Bruce Cumings, the Chicago University Professor, the world’s most renowed and…

Japanese hidden colonial-style crimes against Koreans in Japan continue

On February 28, Japanese government raided again a Korean organization, called by its acronym, “Chongryon” in Tokyo. It was another nakedly vicious “political oppression” inflicted upon an ethnic minority organization by Japanese authority. According to most influential and globally-recognized Korean daily newspaper in Tokyo, called “Chosun Shinbo,” Japanese public security police troops’ early morning raid was carried out as if they executed a fearmongering military operation where they mobilized “over 250 heavily armed public security police troops” assisted by “over 25 armored vehicles.” It was obiously an overtly excessive and intimidating show of fascist police power to intentionally incite senses of fear, insult and terror among the historically discriminated, oppressed and defenseless population.