USD43 bn Acquisition of Syngenta and China’s Biopolitics

The USD43 billion all-cash acquisition of the world’s largest agrochemicals company Swiss Syngenta AG by China National Chemical Corp (ChemChina) — the biggest ever Chinese overseas corporate purchase — would probably materialize after the U.S….

London Mayor’s Remark On Obama Signals SAD ENDING TO AMERICAN UNIPOLARITY

Boris Johnson’s ‘part-Kenyan’ portrait of President Obama [Note 1] may be forgotten soon but, as a widely anticipated successor to David Cameron as the next British prime minister, his slamming rejection to a friendly advice from Washington on ‘Brexit’ (withdrawal from the EU) has delivered a heavy-weight message to the world that the United States’ hegemony is about to end. In his book “Hegemony” which was awarded the Outstanding Academic Title 2005, Prof. John Agnew suggests that hegemony is not merely the capability of possessing unmatched military, economic and political power, but the “enrolment of others in the exercise of your power by convincing, cajoling, and coercing them that they should want what you want (Agnew 2005: p1-2).