The so-called “Arab Spring” Pays Back in Dollars: Arabs Answer to the US Violence

Once upon a time, there was a Kingdom of Justice and Light. The kings served there in periods of four years and insisted on being called “Mr. President.” That was true until the year 2000, when the son of a former king was chosen to office by the voice of a single Justice who had been appointed by his father. From that moment onwards, it had become pretty close to a formal kingdom. Yet, they didn’t define themselves as such; they claimed that they were the world’s most powerful country, and prided themselves on their democracy. They weren’t exactly a democracy of the people […]. They were a democracy of corporations. These organizations were recognized by the kingdom as judicial persons, and were those guiding and funding the government’s behavior. Many of these soulless persons were rather innocent, busying themselves in the science of preparation of greasy hamburgers and similarly useless tasks. However, the largest and most powerful among them made money out of war.

Israel Provides “Intelligence” US to Join Iranian Strike: Behind the Closed Doors Obama, Netanyahu Agree To Attack Iran

Angelina Jolie, member of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) and Goodwill Ambassador for the United Nations has arrived in Syria to survey the destruction caused by the proxy war created by the US and Israel; as well as confirm that there is a need for the continued supply and support of the CIA-sponsored Free Syrian Army (FSA). Jolie, after spending time with the estimated 253,000 Syrian refugees, recounts horrific events. She is part of the UN peace keeping envoy. Because Jolie has travelled across the globe on behalf of the UN before, she has been deployed to “help the Syrian people.” It is expected that Jolie’s envoy will meet with Assad. Lakhdar Brahimi, UN diplomat travelling with Jolie, has replaced Kofi Annan and expects this mission to be “very difficult”. In the manufactured war concocted in Syria, al-Qaeda has become a US asset . Using advanced tactics in terrorism and suicide bombers, as well as recruiting young and impressionable men to fight with the FSA. Mainstream media is declaring that the Syrian government is weakening because they are preparing heavy artillery such as military aircraft, helicopters and tanks.