Nuclear Power Madness

By Norman Solomon: Like every other president since the 1940s, Barack Obama has promoted nuclear power. Now, with reactors melting down in Japan, the official stance is more disconnected from reality than ever. Political elites…

Venezuela ends nuclear plans

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez has stopped his country’s plans to develop nuclear energy. The decision follows uncertainties caused by the nuclear crisis in Japan. Chavez says he’s ordered his vice president and energy minister to…

Nuclear crisis: Japanese media puncture government censorship, expose Western media distortions

USA stands for United Steel (Workers) of America. The meltdown of a single core reactor would make any human presence impossible on site. Without the maintenance work of water injection, the other reactors would sooner than later also undergo meltdown. When one goes, the others will soon follow. The Japanese government now openly accepts the possibility of a core meltdown of Unit 2, which completely lost all its water content for a short time yesterday when a portable generator ran out of diesel fuel. Human error is becoming an understandable problem with the high casualty toll among plant workers, exhaustion and lack of equipment on the tsunami-swept site.

Our hearts are torn apart between two human-made disasters: One in Japan, the Other in Libya

During both natural and human-made disasters in Japan when the whole world’s attention are tied down by the impending nuclear catastrophe, one of those silent cover-ups went on with US-dominant Arab League’s March 14 call for the so-called “no-fly zone” over Libya. In order to deceive the world further by easily coalescing the US-ruling (therefore “sold-out” body like) Arab League to their side was a convenient pretext for the planned US/NATO military invasion against a sovereign nation.

Hayley Westenra to host NZ Quake Aid gig

Soprano Hayley Westenra is planning to stage a star-studded concert, dubbed Quake Aid, to raise funds for her home town of Christchurch in New Zealand. More than 160 people died when an earthquake struck last…