The 18th CPC Congress Special: The US Pentagon Targets China by the “String of Pearls” Strategy in the “Air-Sea Battle”

Obama’s Geopolitical China ‘Pivot’ Since the collapse of the Soviet Union and the nominal end of the Cold War some twenty years back, rather than reducing the size of its mammoth defense spending, the US Congress and all US Presidents have enormously expanded spending for new weapons systems, increased permanent military bases around the world and expansion of NATO not only to former Warsaw Pact countries on Russia’s immediate periphery; it also has expanded NATO and US military presence deep into Asia on the perimeters of China through its conduct of the Afghan war and related campaigns. Part I The Pentagon Targets China On the basis of simple dollar outlays for military spending, the US Pentagon combined budget, leaving aside the huge budgets for such national security and defense-related agencies of US Government as the Department of Energy and US Treasury and other agencies, the US Department of Defense spent some $739 billion in 2011 on its military requirements. Were all other spending that is tied to US defense and national security

Syria and Iran: Risking Nuclear Armageddon: Irresponsible Leaders Risk the Unthinkable: Media Scoundrels Cheerlead Mindlessly

Irresponsible leaders risk the unthinkable. Media scoundrels cheerlead mindlessly. So do neocon think tanks. Ordinary people are more concerned about mundane trivia than survival. Nero didn’t fiddle while Rome burned. The violin wasn’t invented for another 1,500 years. Today’s officials go where earlier ones wouldn’t dare. They risk regional or global disaster. War on Syria and/or Iran may ignite more than leaders bargain for. Imagine blowing up the world to control it. Imagine forces able to stop it staying sidelined. Imagine the unimaginable. Imagine it before it’s too late to matter. World War II weapons were toys compared to today’s. Before war ended, tens of millions died. Estimates range from 50 – 70 million. No one knows for sure. Preventing war would have saved them. A world war that was hoped never again to happen became perpetual conflicts.
Obama replicates hardline neocon extremism. He did what supporters thought impossible. He surpassed the worst of Bush. Imagine what’ll do in a second term. He’s risking the unthinkable. He’s lurching toward potential nuclear war. He’s mindless about likely consequences.

Global Barbarism, Anarchy, and Human Suffering Continue in Syria: War Crimes Continue With Utter Impunity like Libya

Syria, Teachable Moments and Conflict Resolution After more than 18 months of belligerent action against the government de jure of the Syrian Arab Republic it is still maintaining relative stability and security. A peaceful resolution however, becomes increasingly illusive while the potentially catastrophic regional and global consequences of the failure to broker a peaceful resolution seem to be a harbinger of a return to global barbarism, anarchy and unspeakable human suffering. NATOS´s Victory and Teachable Moments i Libya. In an article, published in Foreign Affairs March/April 2012 edition which was published prior to NATO´s 25th Summit in Chicago, Ivo H. Daalder, the U.S. Permanent Representative to NATO, and James G. Stavridis, Supreme Allied Commander and Commander of the U.S. European Command, gave a a clear indication of what NATO has in mind for Syria.

US Position On Issues of Diaoyu Islands: “Inconsistent with Facts, Irresponsible, Outdated, Illusory and False Signal May Lead Asia-Pacific Region into Instability”

Mainland / overseas US academics called on the U.S. government to speak of the South China Sea issue should be carefully The letter pointed out that the South China Sea issue a statement issued by the U.S. State Department is outdated and inconsistent with the facts, but also irresponsible. Unreasonable demands and attempt to change the sovereignty of the status-quo in the South China Sea countries, issued a false and illusory signal. Peace in the South China Sea and the Asia-Pacific region, lead to instability. A world of turmoil and instability, not peace-loving nation’s Asian and Pacific Islander people would like to see. The U.S. government should give full consideration to the perception of the nation’s ethnic Chinese populations. Chinese people in America know that the so-called disputed area in the South China Sea has always been China’s inherent territory, but also in various international conferences and international conventions have a common understanding.