Scott Ritter REVEALS: Russia Uses DPRK’s ICBMs to Destroy US Nuclear War Plans

VIDEO: Scott Ritter REVEALS: Russia uses ICBMS Carry North Korea’s Nuclear Warheads, U.S. Shakes 100 Richter


[Editor’s note: Throughout the video, there are very disturbing background sounds on and off which seem the works of some bad intention which apparently intended to discourage the viewers listen all the way till the end of Mr. Ritter’s great speech.]


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Mr. Ritter. I don’t know you but by listening to your speech right now, you already gained my utmost respect. No kids need to be sent to be killed or dismembered unnecessarily to satisfy Greed, ambition, evil and fight for corporations. No more the vail covering the truth about “Freedom-democracy” and those mountains of lies at the other side of the curtain. Thank you Sir. YOU ARE A REAL PATRIOT
Nobody wants to talk to America
RUSSIA ..CHINA…NORTH KOREA as well as IRAN …are getting STRONGER MILITARILY….day by day….a FORMIDABLE FORCE to be reckoned with……by it’s adversaries….
If there is one question that the American people should ask their leaders should be this, “Has Sanctions Ever Solved A Problem?”
What will the American military be doing while Putin is launching Nukes at us?
He said the US is a fluffy nation
Uffffff. I have to tell you Sir. This is one of the most admirable speeches I ever heard about the reality of all non-sense
Scott is really the truth,God bless you ,
Thank you Scott Ritter for being so informative and impartial in your analysis.
One of the best reoprts I have heard so far


Very powerful lecture
The Vietnam draft brought in all kinds. The Best.
This video went from a 8 out of 10 to a 6 out of 10, but I was able to use my own means to find out what Scott said, the truth!!
Well, you’re partly right, I guess. I was drafted out of my chokerman job in 1971. At Ft. Hood I did not see the racism you describe. Those young black men out of the south were flexing their equality in a supportive environment perhaps for the first time.
As usual scott tells it the way it’s supposed to be said. Nothing but the truth much respect
He is so correct
i couldn’t get my neighbour son to shovel the snow in front of my house. His mother said he was playing video games
thank you Mr. Ritter.
You can’t silence all the background videos? Really?
You know, it’s pretty hard to hear Scott talking when a tank engine goes of in the background.
Vietnam was the end of the US.. Blank on White violence was ignored. A lot of soldiers were killed by their fellow soldiers… Blacks segregated themselves from whites. There was no disciple, no moral. It was “I have got to servive a year and get out.” I was so bitter when I left the Service, it was 20 years before I could talk about it.
This is so important
I’m glad I am old. It’s a race now. Who will live longer, me, … or the world … and it looks like it’s going to be close …
Who can blame the kids. They sre me me me becsuse they grew up raised by maniacs The maniacs were always telling them that they are spioled, that they had everything. We gave them things when they wanted a hug

And the irony is the people in charge will be safe. If there’s a fallout they’ve already prepared. We know it and I don’t know what else to say about it



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Republished by The 21st Century

The views expressed in this article are solely those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the opinions of

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