Demonization Campaign: ROGUE CIA-NIS Agents STAGED Murder Of Kim Jong Nam

The media campaign to blame North Korea for the airport assassination of exile Kim Jong Nam collapsed after Malaysian police failed to force a phony confession out of their chief suspect under arrest. The “Transporter” Ri Jong-choi, who was accused of dropping off two alleged female assassins to murder the half-brother of North Korea’s supreme leader, regained his freedom after intensive scrutiny of airport security videos showed his presence in or near the airport on February 13, the day of the killing.

The falsely accused suspect flew to Beijing in transit to his homeland and spoke to reporters gathered outside the North Korean embassy this past weekend on Saturday March 4. His account for reporters blew apart the official cover story. Ri said that during his detention police officers “kept telling me to admit to the crime and if not, my whole family would be killed.”

The officers showed him photographs of what purported to be his family members inside a North Korean prison. The counterfeit images had obviously been cut-and-paste Photoshop alterations by a South Korean intelligence team, which inserted prison backgrounds into family snapshots probably pulled from Facebook or Weibo.

“That’s when I realized this was a conspiracy, a plot to discredit the status and honor of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea,” Ri stated to the press. No dummy, he was astute enough to realize that Malaysian police assurances of a comfortable future in Malaysia were a crude lie. If he taken the fall for the Kim Jong Nam murder, he’d now be destined for the death penalty.

At the time of his arrest, the Malaysian police said at a news conference that Ri has “expertise in chemistry”, implying that he was trained in handling the VX nerve gas allegedly used against Kim Jong Nam. It turns out that Ri’s chemical knowledge is limited to his job as a buyer of raw materials such as detergents, natural oils and fragrances for the soap industry.

Lesson: Never ever give credence to the mainstream media, especially in a place as corrupt and dominated by the CIA as Malaysia.

The unwitting role of the two alleged murderesses, who were recorded by airport security monitors rubbing liquid on Kim’s face prior to his death, is discussed further on. The more pressing questions are: Who organized this elaborate false-flag attack and for what purpose?

When the sensational assassination at Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA) is compared with the time=line of Korea-related events, two main motives behind the sabotage of Track II become immediately apparent.

– First, State Department hawks and the CIA were eager to sabotage the Trump team’s effort to hold confidential security talks in New York with North Korean diplomats. The Track II meeting was scheduled for the third week of February. In contrast to the normal state-to-state standards of Track I diplomacy, Track II is loosely defined as “ “non-governmental, informal and unofficial contacts and activities between private citizens or groups of individuals”. President Donald Trump and Secretary of State Rex Tillerson were aiming to establish a dialogue with Pyongyang to begin the long trek back from nuclear brinksmanship to restart negotiations toward a non-nuclear Korean Peninsula. The secret effort is needed after the Obama-Hillary team dumped diplomacy in favor of a reckless and futile “pivot to Asia”, which only further antagonized Pyongyang and Beijing.

– Second, a national-security scare was desperately desired by South Korea’s ruling conservative Liberty Korea Party (LKP) due to the looming impeachment of President Park Geun-hye for her secret connections with an apocalyptic cult. While a broad opposition coalition was gaining popular support with massive street protests, the LKP turned to scare tactics to whip up anti-Pyongyang fears. This explains the use of VX, an organophosphate reputed to be the deadliest of all nerve gas agents. What more convenient target for a false flag attack was there than the self-exiled Kim Jong Nam, the black sheep of North Korea’s ruling family?

The CIA and Seoul’s National Intelligence Service (NIS) could reap even more benefits from a false-flag attack using a weapon of mass destruction, using their imbecile mouthpieces in Congress to call for a motion to expel North Korea from the UN, which then could be exploited by The New York Times, the Washington Post and the other liberal shills.

The target of this orchestrated campaign of murder and fake news is not really Pyongyang, which is already isolated; the greater objective is to paralyze and oust Donald Trump from the White House. To stage murders for the purpose of unconstitutional removal of a duly elected president is something akin to high treason.


Stunned in Pyongyang

This article is delayed somewhat because I was waiting to hear from a South Korean advocate of reunification to return from a visit to Pyongyang. The reaction to the news of Kim Jong Un’s death in Malaysia was not greeted with celebrations over the demise of an exile, rival to is brother or a potential traitor.

For North Koreans his poisoning was another grim reminder of how the Western alliance will resort to any foul trick to vilify their small community for refusing to yield on their knees.

For all their toughness and discipline, North Koreans were astonished and horrified by the calculated murder of someone who had never done anything to harm the United States or South Korea. His only “crime” was to be from North Korea. The public response in the North, he said, was one of sadness about the cold-heartedness of Americans and self-righteous Christian zealots in South Korea.

Here again is proof that the term “intelligence agency” is an oxymoron, since the CIA are a bunch of morons in need of oxygen instead of cocaine ringing around their brains. Now their fall guy has just walked free because the CIA and its South Korean sidekicks can’t even stage a televised airport murder without screwing up.

Why should US taxpayers be paying massive entitlements for these evil clowns? The answer to that recurrent question is: So that billions of dollars can be spent on Raytheon and Lockheed, and kickbacks to Congress, instead of being wasted on health care, education, infrastructure or tax rebates.

Instead of getting angry about deliberate sabotage of his diplomacy, the president needs to stay cool, calm and collected and consult the Office of Management and Budget about line-item cuts.

The Merry Pranksters

The two Southeast Asian women who were lured into stage-acting as the killers were decoys in the run by the actual murderers. Truthful forensic evidence is at stake, when in a blatant violation of national jurisdiction, the Malaysian authorities have refused to turn the corpse over to North Korean embassy officials. There is a need for lab tests done in North Korea, and before that samples taken for an independent inquiry.

That’s assuming that Kim is not still alive and being held by the CIA at one of its special rendition facilities aka illegal prisons. Make-up artists at the CIA could easily work up a dummy or alter the body of John Doe/Doh to resemble Kim in a coffin, in one of those disguises straight out of Mission Impossible. The Kim family, however, might know about a few birthmarks and so the fraud would be detected and the body would not be returned to his homeland for burial.

Both female suspects have stated they were hired, for $100 each, to play a prank on the target male by spreading baby oil on his face. They had no idea of who he was or where he was from. The Malaysian police reported that after the incident, the women went to a ladies washroom straightaway.

The police speculated they might have worn thin latex gloves to avoid touching VX. If a small dosage of VX mixed with petroleum oil was present, particle would have been flung when the gloves were snapped off, felling the assailants. Vapors from the gloves would most certainly have harmed any other women who later used the same toilet area.

The lethal toxicity of VX persists for between three and 10 days at air temperatures lower than 70 Fahrenheit. The indoor environment at Kuala Lumpur International Airport was not decontaminated. No janitors, passengers, security staff or medical personnel reported symptoms of chemical poisoning.

So the logical question arises: Was Kim Jong Nam killed with an injection inside the airport clinic while he was seeking medical advice about the baby oil spread on his face?

For anyone who can recall the Tokyo subway gassing, 20,000 commuters were sprawled inside and on top of several subway stations, bleeding from their eyes, noses and throats, and those gases were much weaker than VX. I remember because I was in downtown Tokyo that morning and then led the only honest investigation, and now the event at KLIA strikes my mind as something other than the public use of nerve gas.


Round Up the Usual Suspects

One of the two female suspects, the tall Vietnamese woman Doan Thi Hoang, was reported by Malaysia’s Chinese press as having lived for more than two months “in China”. The same articles suggests more precisely that her temporary stay was more in Macau, an autonomous region famed for its American-owned casinos and prostitution.

There she allegedly was an escort, a euphemism for a sex worker. Macau is the location of the Sands Casino, whose owner Sheldon Adelson and his Mormon securty team got entangled in a CIA entrapment scheme involving a gambling boss named Paul Phua, a case that soon led to State Department control over the Malaysian prime minister.

The other female suspect Siti Aishah from Jakarta, Indonesia, is a divorcee who works as a masseuse. Press reports tried to incriminate her with statements from her family that she speaks Korean. Foreign language fluency in itself is not proof of wrongdoing, since many masseuses in Southeast Asia learn other Asian languages to converse with Asian clients.

As put by an Indonesian investigative journalist who I queried: “Her only guilt is having a price on her head.” In short, Siti Aishah is a marked woman, who has been assigned the blame by the subhuman filth at the CIA and NIS. Jakarta is where Barack Obama spent his formative years during the Suharto era, following the CIA coup that involved the massacre of 2 million supporters of the then existing Sukarno regime.

Yes, these two women have a price on their heads, 100 dollars for the death penalty. That’s mighty generous of the CIA.


Radioactivity Mystery

KLIA security reported the presence of radioactivity inside the airport along Kim’s path. The likeliest explanation for the simultaneous presence of VX and a radioactive isotope is:

– a thin film of a heat-emitting radioisotope, such as americium or polonium, can be used to vaporize VX, which is a dense oil;

– a small amount of this radioactive “heater”, topped with a tiny drop of VX organophosphate, could have been applied to Kim’s coat collar for rapid inhalation of the chemical. His coat, however, would have been handled by a nurse or orderly at the airport clinic, harming them seriously;

– Kim may have ingested VX and a radioactive isotope mixed into a beverage, probably a cup of coffee, which would have covered over the bitterness of the toxins. This is a much likelier possibility.

The presence of radioactivity indicates that Kim was poisoned before he entered the airport, probably at a cafe. Who was with him at the time?

The police haven’t dared investigate these inconvenient facts, which might interrupt the hanging of Siti Aishah and Doan Thi Hoang. Isn’t odd that we’re not hearing angry protests in defense of these two female scapegoats from Madonna, Meryl Streep, Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi and the rest of their feminist chorus?

The airport security video shows two male companions walking on either side of Kim. If so, their identities and roles have not been released. Nor has any information about his activities prior to entering the airport, for example, if he had met other people, who might then be added to the suspect list along with the two female patsies.

Despite these omissions by the official investigation, the Malaysian police have claimed that Kim Jong Nam’s death occurred just before the four North Korean “masterminds” boarded a flight to Indonesia, allegedly on a roundabout circuit via Dubai to Pyongyang. Yet not a shred of evidence so far suggests involvement by any of the four. North Koreans had better stay at home because, wherever they go, they could end up being accused of heinous crimes.

The huge holes in the police story indicate that Kim was probably murdered by agents with the CIA in cooperation with NIS. Despite the ban on chemical weapons, the US has a stockpile of VX “for research purposes”.

For plausible deniability, however, the likelier source of VX and the radioactive isotope would be the Japanese covert operations service, which was involved in sponsoring Aum Shinrikyo’s VX experiments on three Japanese victims prior to the subway gassing.

That’s because Japan uses Soviet-era production processes, obtained an Aum Shinrikyo smuggling operation connected with Shinzo Abe’s trade in weapons of mass destruction. Abe and his colleagues in the Unification Church aka the Moonies were involved in massive secret shipments of nerve gases from Volvograd (Stalingrad) starting in the late 1980s until the day before the March 20, 1996 Tokyo subway gassing.

Been There, Done That

As the lead investigative editor in the Tokyo subway affair, I traced the precursor chemicals for nerve-gas production along a twisting route from a Yokohama chemical producer’s warehouse to Matsumoto, in Nagano Prefecture, where the barrels were transferred at night to different trucks to evade spy-satellite detection. The road led into the Central Japan Alps, where a secret chemical plant, funded by the Japanese government and run by a major corporation, was producing nerve gas under the guise of a pesticide plant or possibly a distillery.

At that point of the tracking effort, the Japanese government ordered the closure of Takarajima30 magazine, the end to my editorship and transfer of the Japan Times Weekly to staffers associated with Soka Gakkai, one of the groups involved in the start-up of Aum Shinrikyo. Needless to say, the US news media and the CIA and South Korean intelligence were involved in the cover-up of the Tokyo subway affair, just as they are now doing in Kuala Lumpur.

Now, just prior to the 26th anniversary of the Tokyo subway gassing, organophosphate nerve gas has resurfaced in Kuala Lumpur. By coincidence, the Embassy of Japan has taken an active role in intelligence operations in the Malaysian capital, including suppression of information related to the health effects of Fukushima radioactivity releases.

Kuala Lumpur is one of those hubs of trilateral cooperation between the neo-fascist spies of Japan, the USA and Korea, who are anything but defenders of truth, justice and democracy. Recall what happened to MH370, a disappearing act from the same cast of magicians.

Roots in Unit 731

The black ops staged by these three powers has dark roots in the Japanese occupation of Korea and takeover of Northeast China. Prime Minister Shinzo Abe’s grandfather was the financial secretary of the quasi-military South Manchuria Railway, which is the pioneer in false-flag attacks including railroad bombings falsely blamed on the Chinese side.

The Kishi-Abe clan, rooted in Yamaguchi Prefecture, is closely associated with the wartime Black Dragon secret society (named after the Heilongjiang river border between China and Russia), comprised of the military police called the Kempeitai and gangster militias, which would later in the postwar era gain notoriety as the yakuza.

This fascist movement used Korean soldiers to carry out the more brutal attacks against the national resistance forces and to commit armed robberies, as in chopping off fingers to obtain rings embedded with precious stones. One of those Korean collaborators recruited into the Japanese Army was Park Chung-hee, later became a postwar president of South Korea and father of current leader Park Geun-hye. Reputedly, he spoke Japanese with greater fluency than Korean.

As a leading bureaucrat in the puppet state of Manchukuo, Kishi supported the chemical and biological warfare group designated as Unit 731, which conducted live tests not only on prisoners but through unleashing bubonic plague and other toxic agents on Chinese urban populations.

Following Japan’s defeat, Unit 731 evaded punishment for war crimes by being transferred to the Dugway Proving Ground in Utah, under the auspices of Japanese-friendly American military officers, most of them Mormons trained in the Japanese language. (Fast forward to the Mormon security men at Adelson’s casinos, involved entrapment of Malaysian officials and how Doan Thi Hoang resided in Macau.)

This hidden legacy of trilateral cooperation has continued as a driving force for political intimidation, news censorship and war-mongering in South Korea and Japan. With such devious, aggressive and downright vile foes, is it any wonder the North Korea has to arm itself to the teeth, even if its military counterforce is minuscule compared with the hoard of weapons of mass destruction secretly accumulated by a neofascist Japan.

Therefore President Donald Trump’s advocacy of nonaggression, sensible dialogue and quiet confidence in American power deserves a chance to halt the arms race and to stop with the senseless confrontational mentality. The Deep State structure defying Trump’s is even more of a menace to American democracy, and therefore must be plucked out root and branch.


Why Malaysia?

This our final question is a no-brainer after the disappearance of MH370. Since the tragic fates for MH370 and MH17, the Malaysian government of Prime Minister Najib Razak has been beholden to the CIA ever since this deputy Zahir Hamidi fell into an entrapment scam laid by the CIA in Las Vegas.

The CIA takeover of the Malaysian government started with the arrest of gambling boss Paul Phua, a dual citizen of Macau and Malaysia, who ran a sports-gambling match-fixing operation out of both territories.

After escaping a gambling fraud probe in Macau, he found shelter at the Sands Casino in Vegas, where the CIA installed wiretaps on his phone, intercepted his emails and inspected his posted letters. Following his arrest by the FBI under CIA orders, the spooks had Phua’s lawyer request the Malaysian police chief to vouch for him as a character witness. When Zahir Hamidi unwisely took the bait and wrote effusive praise for Phua, the mouse trap snapped.

Najib Razak sullenly consented to a CIA demand to establish a “joint anti-terrorism base” in Malaysia, a cover for a planned air base in northeast Sabah with nearby naval facilities on the Sulu Sea, strategically enclosed by Malaysia and the Philippines, in easy airstrike reach of the Chinese island bases in the Spratley archipelago.

The secret Malaysian base provides a substitute for former US military stations in Mindanao, Philipppines, where the CIA and military “advisers” were expelled after getting entangled in arms trading, dealing with Islamic militants, murders for hire, staged fake terrorist strikes, you name it, the war dogs do it.

Meanwhile Najib Razak got caught up in the embezzlement of several billion dollars from the Malaysian Development fund known as 1MDB. The vast sum was laundered through Goldman Sachs in Singapore through several other banks to accounts in the Cayman Islands and one of Zahir Hamidi’s playboy allies in the US.

These scandals required the Najib team to dispatch a lawyer to the USA during the presidential campaign to pay off, allegedly, former Attorney General Eric Holder (who suddenly became much richer) and a tidy sum stuffed into Hillary Clinton’s handbag.

As for Trump’s aborted attempt at statesmanship, nobody has ever believed that politics is fair or played by the rules. So there you have it: high-level intrigue and black operations at the same Kuala Lumpur International Airport where MH370 was hijacked and flown to the U.S. military base on Diego Garcia.

If Donald Trump is serious about making America Great Again, he’s going to have to flush out lying murderous criminals who have caused untold numbers of blowbacks and demolished the overseas credibility of the United States.

It’s now time to set up a hotline to Pyongyang to call in condolences to Kim Jong Un for the senseless murder of his older brother. Can foreign policy get any more ridiculous? Yes, Hillary Clinton is still not in jail.


Forensic journalist Yoichi Shimatsu, one of the co-founders of The 4th Media and still its Senior Advisor, led the only credible investigations into the political patronage behind Aum Shinrikyo, its smuggling of weapons of mass destruction aided by the Yeltsin regime, and the cult’s ongoing involvement in Japan’s nuclear weapons program in Ibaraki and Fukushima prefectures. In spite of several assassination attempts, he is still writing exposes.


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