RMB 50 million for quake-hit Yingjiang County

China’s Ministry of Finance is allocating 50 million Yuan for emergency repair on infrastructure in Yingjiang County, Yunan province, following the devastation caused by a recent 5.8 magnitude earthquake.

About 25 people were reported dead, 250 others injured including while some 127,100 residents have been evacuated to safety.

Yingjiang which lies close to Myanmar, Eurasian and Indian Plates is said to be prone to earthquakes. According to the Vice-chairman of the NPC’s Environment Protection and Resources Conservation Committee a national study has revealed that the area is especially horizontal to geological and seismological disasters.

China has suffered major earthquakes recently

The area is hit by almost continuous aftershocks which are even more damaging buildings and residential houses. According to the facts that were shown on the earthquake site, about four thousand houses are severely damaged while three hundred houses have totally collapsed.

Yunan province is however slowly recovering as the rescue teams are working very efficiently in the region. Also, rescue teams are building camps or tents, providing food and aiding all the affected people in Northwest of China. With the enormous financial support from the government, life will certainly return to normal in the quake affected area.

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