Prof. Jeffrey Sachs on the Covid Origins Cover-Up

Jeffrey Sachs of Columbia University stands as a pillar of America’s academic establishment, and even as far back as three decades ago, the New York Times had already hailed him as one of the world’s most important figures in his field.

He currently serves as director of his university’s Center for Sustainable Development, and over the years he has published a multitude of articles and columns on a very wide range of public policy issues.

Given that background, it was hardly surprising that the Lancet, a top medical journal, named him chairman of the Covid Commission, established to investigate all aspects of the massive disease epidemic that has devastated the world since early 2020 and killed well over a million Americans.

Yet over the last few months, Prof. Sachs has broken ranks with America’s ruling political and media elites, and courageously begun to speak his mind on the origins of the outbreak.

In May he co-authored a major paper in the prestigious PNAS journal, pointing to the very strong evidence that the Covid virus had been bioengineered, being the product of a laboratory instead of nature, and he called for an independent investigation into its true source.

The following month, he was even more forthright in his statements at a small think-tank gathering in Spain, and at the beginning of July a short clip of those remarks went super-viral, retweeted out more than 11,000 times and accumulating over than a million views.


As chairman of the Covid Commission, Sachs had the greatest possible credibility on the issue, but his controversial claims were ignored by nearly every Western media outlet, with Britain’s muckraking Daily Mail being the only publication willing to break the embargo and report his statements.

Other countries certainly took notice of Sachs’ information, and a top Russian general cited him as an authority at a recent Defense Ministry briefing.

But although nearly all the Western journalists have continued to avert their eyes, Sachs has redoubled his efforts to publicly expose what he regards as an ongoing Covid cover-up, offering a long and remarkably candid interview to the Current Affairswebzine.

When I brought Sachs’ interview to the attention of an eminent academic scholar with whom I’ve been friendly for many years, he was stunned:

An amazing article.Sachs is not only remarkably candid; he’s also remarkably knowledgable about the issue.

Another prominent academic had a similar reaction:

That’s one hell of an interview, no doubt about it.

Most recently, Sachs spent an hour discussing the Covid issue on the popular podcast of Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., another prominent dissenter who had once been close to the heart of the establishment. Sachs described the enormous dishonesty he had encountered in his role of chairman, until he finally concluded that the true nature of the virus and its origins were the subject of a massive cover-up.

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Everyone who has listened to that interview has been very impressed, and a leading figure in the Covid origins debate sent me the following note after I brought it to his attention:

This is an amazingly good interview on Sachs’s part – clear, forceful, humorous and all the more compelling because he started off on the other side of the issue. Interesting what a deep perspective he has now developed, tracing the train of events back to Fauci’s acquisition of the biodefense portfolio.

Sachs has demonstrated his political courage in other areas as well, strongly dissenting from the near-total uniformity of public opinion on the Ukraine war and our relations with China.

Individuals so highly-placed in the American establishment only rarely break so sharply with the officially-endorsed narrative on a major issue. As I have written, the typical reaction of the media has been to blacklist and ignore such potentially-dangerous defectors.

However, the Internet now sometimes allows those media gatekeepers to be circumvented if the public demand for the other side of the story is sufficiently strong.

Although Prof. John Mearsheimer of the University of Chicago ranks as one of our most distinguished political scientists, his longstanding views on the simmering Ukraine conflict had been completely excluded from public discussion. His past lectures on the subject were available on Youtube, but had attracted little notice.

However, after the war broke out, one of those videos began drawing an unprecedented worldwide audience, and its viewership of over 27 million is now quite possibly greater than any academic presentation in the entire history of the Internet. His other lectures have accumulated an additional 10 or 15 million views.
As a direct consequence of such enormous global attention, some of our most elite media outlets felt forced to respond. The Economist soon invited him to write a guest column on the subject and most recently the ultra-establishmentarian Foreign Affairs opened its pages to his long contrarian essay on the Ukraine war.
  • Playing With Fire in Ukraine
    The Underappreciated Risks of Catastrophic Escalation
    John Mearsheimer • Foreign Affairs • August 17, 2022 • 3,200 Words

Although the mainstream media has almost totally ignored Prof. Sachs’ important views on Covid issues, that boycott may also eventually be broken if he continues to gain attention elsewhere. The many alternative podcasters and websites provide an effective channel for disseminating such controversial ideas, especially when the advocate is a public figure with such strong credibility on the subject.

My entire knowledge of Sachs’ views is based upon his public statements, and he has never suggested the deliberate biowarfare attack hypothesis that I have been publicly proposing for more than two years.

But I do find it quite intriguing that nowhere in any of his lengthy, extended discussions does he ever direct any blame towards China for creating the virus nor does he even mention the Wuhan lab, the alleged site of the supposed Covid lab-leak.Instead, he focuses like a laser upon America’s very extensive bioengineering efforts aimed at producing such modified Covid-like coronaviruses and also upon the concentrated effort by scientists in the orbit of the American government to disguise Covid’s obviously artificial characteristics.

He discusses our heavily-funded biowarfare efforts, and how these programs were shifted a couple of decades ago from direct military authority over to Anthony Fauci’s NIH. And he mentions the apparent intelligence-gathering role of Peter Daszak’s Pentagon-funded EcoHealth Alliance, which had worked with the Wuhan lab and many other biolabs worldwide.


Sachs is a public figure of the highest establishment reputation and it would be grossly irresponsible of him to even hint at an explosive hypothesis such as my own unless and until far more solid evidence became available.

Moreover, he is currently playing an absolutely crucial role in using his reputation to draw attention to the bioengineered nature of the Covid virus and the massive ongoing attempt by the media and scientific communities to conceal that reality, so provoking any additional controversies might be a fatal distraction.

However, as chairman of the Covid Commission, he has been a crucial insider on all of these matters, and I do find his important information entirely consistent with my own analysis, as presented in my series of articles over the last couple of years.

All this information is easily available on this website, as an eBook, or in a print edition paperback now available on Amazon, while my video interviews have now easily surpassed a million views on Rumble:

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