Parents of 12 DPRK Abductees Send Letter TO UN HIGH COMMISSIONER FOR HUMAN Rights, President of Human Rights Council


Pyongyang, December 1 (KCNA) — The parents of the 12 girls who fell victim to a group abduction operation masterminded by the south Korean authorities sent the following letter to the United Nations high Commissioner for Human Rights and the President of the Human Rights Council on November 28:

We are parents of the 12 girls abducted to south Korea in April this year by the gangsters of its intelligence service in Ningbo, Zhejiang province, China.

It is over 7 months since the south Korean authorities took our beloved daughters from us, who are in great anxiety to see them. They are Ri Un Gyong, Han Haeng Bok, Ri Son Mi, Ri Ji Ye, Ri Pom, Kim Hye Song, Ryu Song Yong, Jon Ok Hyang, Ji Jong Hwa, Pak Ok Byol, Kim Sol Gyong and So Kyong A.

Before long, we will be seeing in the new year, promising a new hope, expectation and happiness.

However, it really breaks our hearts to celebrate a new year without even knowing what is happening to our dear daughters. While we are writing this letter, tears are streaming down our faces as we are worried sick to see them, with no one telling us when they will come back.

We would like to take this opportunity to remind you of the fact that immediately after the south Korean authorities had committed this heinous crime against humanity, we wrote a letter to you, asking for your help in returning our daughters to their home and asked several times for your reply.

It is, however, a great pity that no information has been provided on their status and treatment, far from their return to their home.

We are writing once again, hoping that our daughters might return one day if the United Nations human rights mechanisms make continued efforts, true to their principles of justice, truth as well as promotion and protection of human rights.

As already mentioned in our previous letter, all of our daughters led a happy and carefree life, giving full play to their talents under the warm care of the socialist system.

As such, they have no reason to abandon their homeland and parents. This is a well-accepted fact that no one can deny.

The group abduction of the 12 innocent girls committed in a third country by the south Korean intelligence service is the worst-ever heinous crime against humanity that outperforms the abduction by the fascist dictator of an opposition party politician in Tokyo, Japan in the 1970s.

Even at this moment the gangsters of the south Korean intelligence service are in a frenzy to brainwash our daughters while holding them incommunicado and not letting them sleep even a single minute after sensationalizing the abduction as the “group defection” and the “effect of the sanctions” and the like. They are beasts, not human beings.

It is our unanimous demand that such beasts must not remain unpunished since they have rejected outright the request of the south Korean civil society organizations for contact with our daughters so as to obtain information about their status, let alone our repeated calls for the south Korean authorities to grant us a contact.

What matters is that no one has seen or met our daughters as yet in contradiction to the announcement of the south Korean authorities that they had let them live a normal social life a couple of months ago.

Therefore, this announcement is yet another falsehood of the south Korean authorities who are experts in telling lies. It is also a way of their existence to go to any lengths to pursue confrontation with their fellow countrymen with the inveterate repugnance against the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK).

Moreover, the recent revelation that the south Korean chief executive completely severed the relations with the DPRK and, in particular openly incited in October this year “defection from the North”, dancing to the tune of a female shaman that the DPRK will collapse within a couple of years, establishes that this group abduction is a collaboration between the inexperienced shaman and the chief executive, a proof of their complicity in this incident.

It seems that right at this moment, our daughters are shouting to us for help, eagerly wishing to come back to us, parents, because they can no longer endure the cruel and inhuman treatment of the intelligence service in south Korea without anyone to turn to for help.

The south Korean authorities are pursuing a vicious political end by separating the girls from us through the group abduction, while turning a blind eye to the division of the nation and territory caused by the outsiders that have inflicted indescribable pain and suffering on our nation. This shows that they are the worst-ever ring of terrorists and demons in history.

Such terrorists and devils must be brought to justice. Our patience has gone beyond its limit.
The cruel atrocity committed by the south Korean authorities deserves denunciation and due punishment of the justice-loving mankind and the international community, including the Korean nation.

We are sure that our daughters in south Korea are waiting for the hands of rescue while struggling against the coercion, lure and brainwashing of the barbarous criminals.

We acknowledge that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council play significant roles in helping our daughters return to their homeland.

We are well aware that it is the mission of the United Nations human rights mechanisms to conduct an exhaustive investigation into this thrice-cursed crime against humanity committed by the south Korean authorities and bring those perpetrators to justice and facilitate the reunion of the parents and daughters as soon as possible.

We will definitely continue to struggle until the day when our beloved daughters come back.

We are convinced that the Office of the High Commissioner for Human Rights and the Human Rights Council will, true to their mission, remain calling into question this crime against humanity committed by the south Korean authorities and demand an unconditional and immediate repatriation of the victims, thus realizing our reunion.

We strongly believe that you will not disappoint us.


Yours Sincerely.

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