Obama Persists in Spending $20 Million on Subversive USAID Projects in Cuba

By Jean-Guy Allard

Since 1990, the USAID programs conducted in Cuba have uselessly cost $150 million on “investments” in anti-government groups and intelligence “programs.”
While the economic crisis condemns hundreds of thousands of North Americans to abject poverty, the administration in Washington continues to dedicate millions of dollars to meddling programs whose inefficiency has long been documented.

Such is the case with the subversive USAID plans in Cuba that, according to analysts, have not done much other than to prompt the arrest and sentencing of a contractor from this office of the State Department.

The North American administration’s obsession with squandering another $20 million on programs that aim to “promote democracy in Cuba” while masking intelligence and destabilization activities faces the decision made by John Kerry, chairman of the Committee on Foreign Relations, to suspend the funds on April 1.

Since 1990, the USAID programs conducted in Cuba have uselessly cost $150 million on “investments” in anti-government groups and intelligence “programs.”

According to Kerry himself, the United States’ funds were used to artificially “mobilize” protests in Cuba with dissident groups that were so “thoroughly penetrated” that American money is in fact helping “finance” the Cuban state’s security services.

In his criticism of USAID’s activities, Kerry denounced the use of encrypted communications, secret codes and pseudonyms that characterize intelligence operations and ordered that the numerous frauds that have been detected in the programs be investigated.

“There is no evidence … that the ‘democracy promotion’ programs … are helping the Cuban people,” Kerry declared. “Nor have they achieved much more than provoking the Cuban government to arrest a U.S. government contractor.”

He said this in reference to Alan P. Gross of Potomac, Maryland, arrested in Havana in 2009, after having illegally delivered state-of-the-art satellite communications equipment to “contacts” on the island.

In response to Kerry, the Obama administration confessed that the so-called “democracy programs” have been used to “call the world’s attention on the activists” who recruit, fundraise, manage and promote outside of Cuba.

In USAID’s written arguments, the existence of a rap festival in Cuba is strangely claimed, as if rap were an element of its subversive programs.

The most recent “projects” include programs to help gays — something which already exists on the island — and the handicapped, as if Cuba didn’t already have a wide range of free services which are very superior to those offered in the United States in this area.

The “suspension” of funds by Kerry was attacked by Sen. Bob Menendez, known for his links with the Cuban-American terrorist mafia, whose “anti-Castro” non-profits have received millions in funds on several occasions in the past.

Translated By Gabriel Floud

10 June 2011

Edited by Derek Ha
Argentina – Argenpress – Original Article (Spanish)

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