NYC: IDF Soldiers Demanding People Support Slaughtering Homophobic Palestinian Infants


Listen, bub.

You see that baby over there?

He hates gays.

We’re going to burn him alive.


New York Post:

Three gay Israeli Defense Forces soldiers, in the Big Apple to celebrate Pride week, slammed the group Queers for Palestine for its “fake understanding of human rights.”

The three soldiers, who want to meet “Jewish LGBTQ people who’ve been alienated due to the war,” sat down with the Post to reveal how they’ve navigated an increasingly hostile environment in their community.

Shay Abergil, 34, a paratrooper reservist, says gay and lesbian Israelis now have a “complicated relationship” with the LGBTQ community outside Israel.

“We always hear New York Pride being such a great and fun event, but then you have these protests and activists that make the event less fun, it’s even dangerous to wear a Star of David or speak Hebrew out loud,” Abergil added.

Shay Abergil

Amit Benjamin

Abergil, who said being openly gay in the IDF is a “non-issue,” admitted that when he told his grandma he was visiting New York, she begged him to keep his Judaism in the closet.

“My grandmother, who grew up in the Bronx, said, ‘Promise me you won’t wear your yarmulke around the city — it’s too dangerous,’ ” he recalled.

He added that Palestinian gays experience brutal persecution at home.

We want gay people in Gaza and the West Bank to get all the same rights that Westerners get,” he said.

“All the ‘queers for Gaza’ need to open their eyes,” says Amit Benjamin, 36, a first sergeant major in the IDF. “Hamas kills gays … kills lesbians. … queers can not exist in Gaza.”

This is the bottom of the barrel narrative right here.

This is when you’ve literally got nothing at all, so you say “yeah we’re murdering all these kids because they hate gays.”

Maybe you could say “Queers for Gaza” is also sort of strange. But Hamas is not threatening to invade America and kill gays. Nor are any of these gays planning on going to Gaza on vacation. So the issues are pretty unrelated.

The whole thing is just totally a mess, in terms of all of this ideological bullshit.

NOTE: I have been classifying the homosexual movement as an “ideology” for a decade, and now the Russian government does it too. I don’t know what else you could call it. They use the word “identity,” but that seems to just be another way of saying “ideology.” “Homosexuality” is an act. Many of you probably heard stories of guys in high school jacking each other off and then those guys ended up normal heterosexuals. (I’m sure none of you did that, but you probably heard about it – it happened a lot.) So when you turn this act into a movement and a lifestyle, it can only be called an “ideology.” It’s not philosophical, and though it acts politically, it is not a political movement but rather a social phenomenon which seeks dominance in society. It’s an ideology.

The homosexual ideology overlaps with various ideological incarnations relating to brown people being oppressed, despite the fact that virtually all brown people dislike homosexuals. Then there is “decolonization” ideology, which is a separate but related form of “oppressed brown people” ideology.

So, you end up with “Queers for Palestine” and “no, actually, we have to kill these babies because they hate gays.” It all makes sense in context. It’s just that the context… has no actual context. This stuff is all just gibberish.

I’ve written a lot about philosophy vs. ideology, and the movement to replace philosophy with ideology, which was started (or at least widely popularized) by Marx. Marxism went through and rewrote history in terms of competing ideologies in a way that, looking back, seems very silly, but which was apparently compelling to a lot of people up through the 1970s, when it lost steam (except in France and among Eastern Europeans who are Francophiles). Real Marxist thought was more or less completely irrelevant by the time communism collapsed, and it is obviously irrelevant in China. (In practice, the global communist movement was just opportunistic lunatics overthrowing governments and installing weird totalitarian dictatorships. They usually tried some of the Marxist stuff and then were like “welp, this is retarded and everyone is starving” and then just turned into normal nationalistic authoritarian states which were a lot more like historical feudalistic monarchies than the societies Marx said he wanted to build.)

The core difference between philosophy and ideology is that philosophy, when applied to social engineering, focuses on outcomes and practical realities, whereas ideology focuses on a rigid process and ignores outcomes. The ideologies usually serve the interests of a small group of people, such as homosexuals who want access to children, and then suck in bystanders by guilt tripping them like a religion. You have men who identify as “feminists,” despite the fact that there is no benefit to them. They think it makes them good people. People with kids support homosexuality because they think it makes them good people, despite the fact that the homosexuals want to rape their kids.


In the West, when we talk about philosophy, we’re really primarily talking about Christianity. There are different strains of Christian philosophy, obviously, and a lot of back and forth. It’s basically true that Protestantism led to liberalism. It’s also true that communism, while atheistic, did not lead to liberalism. Probably, you’re going to have to talk about Plato and hierarchy if you want to understand the basics of Christian philosophy, which were considered a core aspect of Christianity even well into the Protestant movement. (Things escalated quickly.)

Christianity and modern liberalism both have underlying moral imperatives, it’s just that the latter’s moral imperatives are unsustainable because they don’t present a practical vision of an ideal society, and therefore with every step forward liberalism makes, things just get weirder. It is weird to have a homosexual movement defending people who believe in the death penalty for homosexuals. It’s even weirder to have people arguing that gays should support slaughtering children because they are homophobic. But this is just the sort of thing you’re going to get when you abandon the idea of practical solutions to real world problems (i.e., “philosophy”).

I love Brave AI.

That’s not the list I would make if I were to sit down for a month and try to make a list. But it will do. These are all dealing with real world issues. It got esoteric, but even Sartre, who is a pretentious faggot, was talking about the meaning of a human life and what happens inside of your mind and soul and how to manage it in a meaningful way (again, I do not agree with really any of it, but it is still sort of talking about real life phenomenon, even if it is individualistic and not particularly focused on society).

With this ideological thing, there are assertions about processes being necessary. Various supposedly oppressed groups need to be “liberated.” They want to import Islamic immigrants and they want gay anal sex lessons for five-year-olds.

(You could basically just ignore everything I just wrote and go ahead and refer to “liberal ideology” as “Judaization.” It’s really just a system of explaining why the worst possible things are necessary for society. While all liberalism speaks in utopian terms, there is no actual vision of a cohesive end goal. People went along with “gay marriage” because it was presented as offering finality to contentiousness, but then the gays said “no, actually, we’re going to cut your son’s dick off.”)

From my perspective, as a person who believes in practical solutions to real world problems, I’m looking at the situation and thinking: “At least if the Moslems took over, they would kill the gays and put women back in their place.”

Islam is at least a philosophical system. It’s not an ideology. The only ideological versions of Islam were invented by the CIA (ISIS, etc.). It’s shown to work. It’s sustainable. You can live as a Christian under Islam, you just pay a tax. It’s not ideal, but it would be a lot better than this thing we have going on now.

I’m of course praying for a different outcome (involving Hiluxi). But something is going to happen and it’s not going to be a majority Islamic population in Europe teaching children to have anal sex. That is not a potential outcome.

Gaza and Humans Generally

Putting aside all of that bullshit I just wrote, there is another way to look at the Gaza issue, which is that no human being with a soul can tolerate what these Jews are doing to these people. Due to my own philosophical framework, I believe homosexuality is evil and that homosexual behavior must be actively suppressed by the state. But I am also obligated to acknowledge that homosexuals are human beings with souls created by God, and even as they engage in the worst of all sins, their souls do not stop existing.

No one with any type of basic humanity can look at what these Jews are doing in Gaza and say “let’s give these Jews more bombs to murder children.”



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