Mugabe warns America and Britian over shares in companies

Mugabe says his ZANU-PF party regards black economic empowerment as a key part of the national liberation struggle.

Mugabe says ZANU-PF would nationalize firms from countries that imposed sanctions on Zimbabwe, arguing they cannot operate freely while Western powers punish his party over charges of rights abuses.

President Robert Mugabe

These threats add to the worries of foreign investors in the resource-rich country, which introduced a law specifying 51 percent of firms worth more than 500-thousand US dollars should be owned by black Zimbabweans under a five-year program.

Robert Mugabe, Zimbabwean President, said, “Listen, Britain and America, this is our country, right, if you have companies that you would like to work in our mining sector, they are welcome to come and join us, but we must have our people in those companies as the major shareholders.”


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