Military talents build-up to be enhanced: Hu

President Hu Jintao urged more top-notch military talents be nurtured and trained to lay a strong and solid foundation of China’s national defense.

Hu, who is also commander-in-chief of the country’s military, the People’s Liberation Army (PLA), delivered a written instruction to a military meeting, on the utilization of defense talents held Wednesday in Beijing.

The Chinese president called on the military, particularly the military colleges and academies, to fully realize the importance of talent cultivation and to foster “a large number of high-quality military talents.” He emphasized military talents would provide a strong guarantee for the scientific development of China’s defense and military construction.

”]The meeting also deliberated a plan on the development of military talents before 2020.

During the meeting, which was approved by the Central Military Commission, attendees exchanged experience on how to best use talents, and outstanding units and individuals were honored, according to a Xinhua News Agency report.

The PLA has come on in leaps and bounds in nurturing talents and researching and developing new and high-tech defense capabilities, which is made possible because China now has a booming economy, experts say.

On April 17, on the 60th anniversary of China’s inauguration of its aviation industry, the military reportedly staged a second test-flight of the J-20 stealth fighter jet prototype, a high-tech fighter capable of evading radar tracking, like the American F-22 Raptors.

The Beijing-based Global Times reported Tuesday that the second trial flight lasted for more than one hour, mainly to test the jet’s operational stability and other designed functions. Some analysts believe that the flight, following its maiden flight in January, suggests that PLA may be making “faster-than-expected” progress in its effort to mass produce the new-generation fighters.

In addition, there are reports that PLA is likely to deploy its first aircraft carrier later this year, a year earlier than U.S. military analysts had expected.

By People’s Daily Online

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