“Mass Murder Campaign”: Turkey-Syria Earthquakes, Ukraine, Plandemic. Interview with Romania Senator Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă

Večernje Novosti (VN): You are the first politician in Europe who, as early as February 8, in the Romanian Parliament stated the strange events surrounding the earthquake in Turkey.  Please repeat those observations for the readers of Večernje Novosti. 

Senator Diana Iovanovici-Șoșoacă (SDIS): I have shown in my political statement in the Romanian Senate the continuity link between the mass murder campaign through alleged pandemics and the imminent need for injection of untested vaccines that kill people, in fact crimes against humanity, and the outbreak of wars that would establish terror and terrible fear among people, destroying their psyche and resistance, with the aim of reducing the population of the world, restoring power poles and changing borders, plus economic changes worldwide.

But everything became even worse when we witnessed the production of custom made or controlled earthquakes, in fact an attack on Turkey by the world’s top leaders who disliked the fact that they were being confronted by Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, the President of Turkey.

Moreover, his position as neutrality and mediator in the Ukrainian-Russian war has deeply disturbed, especially as Turkey is the second largest military power within NATO. His position to block Sweden’s NATO membership, but also his speech in Davos, in particular, as well as his gesture to leave in the middle of the press conference, defying Schwab, did not remain without echo in the harsh and cold world of global leaders. But no one thought that it would be necessary for so many people to die, killed in such a despicable way, only for the world’s mighty to demonstrate their power. And it was just a warning, because it was not the most populated area of Turkey.

There were 150 replicas of a devastating earthquake, the second largest than the first, without an outbreak, the area being artificially stimulated. We know that geological weapons have existed for a very long time, but they were used so far without causing too many casualties, probably for experiments. 

If we look carefully at the map of the pipelines in Turkey, we will see that this country it is run by gas and oil pipelines, which are in fact one of the goals: their destruction.

But 10 seconds before the so-called earthquake, the Turks closed the pipes. In addition, 24 hours before the earthquake, 10 states withdrew their ambassadors from Turkey. 5 days before its production, the Romanian Minister of Foreign Affairs issued a travel warning for Romanian citizens to Turkey, although there was no danger, as did some other countries.

It is worth noting that the maps presented on all television channels showed that there was not an epicentre, but an epiliny with thousands of earthquakes. And I am the only politician in the world who had the courage to show that President Erdogan was punished for his courage, dignity and honour and for his closeness to the Russian Federation, in fact a position of neutrality and mediation for peace.

In addition, the earthquake purpose was meant to remove people’s attention from the war in Ukraine, where already representatives of many countries have begun to vociferate against the despotism and orders given by President Zelensky, as if he is leading the world and someone had the obligation to send weapons and participate in his war where he sacrificed his own people and destroyed his entire country.

VN: Where does your information come from and is it really true that gas and oil pipelines were closed immediately after the impact? 


SDIS: In the S.O.S. Romania party I have established a Wise Men’s Council composed of the best specialists from different sectors, including science and military. The analysis was done with the help of, among others, a general specializing in technological weapons, the only one who was at the HAARP Center in Alaska: General Emil Streinu. I wish to inform your readers, the Serbian people, whom I feel very close to, and whom I esteem greatly for their courage and verticality, that HAARP is not even the last geophysical weapon system! Meanwhile, even more advanced weapons of this kind have appeared about which, however, I cannot speak, these being strictly secret and not yet revealed to the public.

The gas and oil pipelines were closed BEFORE the earthquake, the Turks probably learned they were going to be given a blow and wanted to avoid an even bigger disaster or maybe the earthquake-detecting equipment warned them.

There are such systems and we have in Romania the ones who announce the deep-sea earthquakes 50 seconds ahead. In fact, not a few voices in Turkey have admitted that it was an atypical earthquake. After my declaration reached all the meridians of the world, being very popular in Turkey, a lot of people have given me the right: this was an provoked earthquake! Moreover, Turkish intelligence agencies are investigating a foreign state involvement in causing earthquakes, and there is also an official statement to that effect.

VN: What are the intentions of those who used geophysical weapons?

SDIS: The use of geophysical weapons is the way of the global parallel state to stop the leaders who oppose their supremacy, such as the case of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, but also the populations that are independent and show no dependence on the West.

You have known in Serbia the wrath of the West and the attacks of the evil NATO, to bomb you on Easter night, with the inscription of “Happy Easter” on the bombs! This is something you must never forgive and forget and a lesson must be given to these killers (me, for one, will not forget and will not forgive this moment)! Yet, you continue to have an independent and courageous policy, which is why you deserve all the admiration. I have always admired you for the verticality and the pride in defending your values and principles and, above all, the sovereignty and independence of Serbia, and I have praised you as an example many times to the Romanian people. But if in previous years, global power used conventional weapons to punish free countries, it has now shifted to a whole new level, and these attacks can no longer be countered. They can, at most, be avenged, with the same kind of weapons that the states have developed, but the citizens have not been informed.

Moreover, it is difficult and dangerous even to reveal about these weapons and to bring them to public attention, as I did through my declaration in the Romanian Senate on February 8. Whoever throws light on these dark machinations takes a big risk, a major risk (I assumed the same as Mr. General Streinu who had to go through three assassination attempts only last year)… Additionally, it is shocking for simple people who are not informed correctly when they have to face an irrefutable truth. But the Truth will set us free!

VN: How do you view the war in Ukraine and why will the Western elites not even hear the word truce or negotiations? 

SDIS: It depends on what you see in the West. The European West is being misled because it is run by incompetent and incompetent defendants, slaves of the U.S.A. and NATO, in fact with a slave mentality, without any principles, globalists who have not known normality in their life, the illustrious nothing-makers paid from the work and sweat of Europeans, while they live in the high and have no idea what is down.

But it is not only the European West, we are talking about the American Empire, which for most of the last 200 years has done nothing but destroy and rush upon independent and sovereign countries and annulate them altogether: Ursula Von Der “Lier” was not  crying for children in Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, the Gulf, etc. (There are only a few small exceptions of the presidents of the United States who did not have wars and crimes during their office: for instance, Donald Trump, if he was now the president of the United States, we would not have such horrors in the world.)

In fact, no one jumped for those people. These Westerners, who believe they are empires, do not wish for peace, but they want to conquer new territories and resources. In fact, it is not the West, it is the globalist World Empire that wants to redivide countries and draw borders as it pleases him without taking into account history and peoples, as it is also trying to do in Kosovo or in our Translivania. When did the West seek peace? Didn’t the West stir up the first and second World War, and now it wants to throw us into the third? 

The globalist World Empire wants full submission and colonization, as it did in Africa, Asia and in the Americas, few hundreds years ago.The one who opposes must be punished, and if he does not calm down, even destroyed. And the West has never been able to hold on to Russia and the Slavic world. This is not the first time when they try to defeat Russia into an European colony. Napoleon tried, Hitler tried, and it meant their end.

This war is provoked by the West by encircling and gathering Russia in a snare, with NATO getting closer to Russia’s borders and arming and transforming Ukraine into an anti-Russian state. The West breaks pieces of your country, blocks your trade, puts you on all sorts of blacklists, surrounds you with military bases, and then reacts “innocently”:  but why did you get angry? But you, in Serbia, unfortunately, know these Western policies very well. I have said many times in Romania, in my public statements, that I cannot forget how NATO, who claims to be a defensive organization, bombed Serbia on Orthodox Easter in 1999, killing innocent citizens with bombs that read in English: Happy Easter!, meaning Happy Easter! Are these the people we should expect peace from?

There is a war against Orthodoxy in this respect, and it is not by chance that the Orthodox peoples are seen as enemies by the West, because they want to destroy the last living Church, which has maintained its traditions and spirituality unaffected by modern atheism!

This is not only a war against Russia, but also against Orthodoxy, the traditional family and ancient human values. It is a war that goes on all levels. Look at the pressure that is being put on you through Kosovo, just to force you to join the anti-Russian sanctions.

And from Vienna we are now receiving messages that Romania will be admitted to Schengen only if it recognizes Kosovo’s independence!

And Serbia is under attack now, as are all the countries that oppose Western hegemony, just as Turkey has been attacked! I promise you that I will oppose in Romania the recognition of Kosovo independence, because I know too well: Kosovo is Serbia! But to see what kind of blackmail the West practices against us, the Orthodox peoples! In fact, it is inciting the brothers to hate one another. We should be here an oasis of brotherhood and peace and Orthodox love. That bothers them. In fact, the Balkan Pole must be urgently restored, at all costs, in order to defend our countries, peoples, Orthodoxy, history, values, our memory and millennial principles.

The Balkans were always a force and always a powder keg. To escape from this force, the West destroyed the unity of the Balkans and instigated the citizens into interethnic wars. Divide et impera. Recognizing Kosovo would mean serious problems for Romania, but also for Spain and other states that have problems with areas that will become independent. All leaders of these small ethnic regions should understand that UNION MAKES POWER. Divided we are lost. Together we have a future!

How could the West seek peace since they have provoked this conflict and they are maintaining it by all means, political, diplomatic, economic and military? How can they get their hands on the agricultural land and huge resources of Ukraine if not by driving the inhabitants out of it and throwing the country into bankruptcy? How will Ukraine pay for the loans and support of the West? With all that it has and with all that it is! And, unfortunately, we also pay as collateral damage.

VN: Who needs a terrible war?

SDIS: I have said before: The globalist World Empire. First of all, the big international companies and investment funds, which are already master over everything Ukraine has, including over its country debts. Secondly, the global parallel state that can thus push its agenda further, subjecting populations, impoverishing them, and forbidding them the most basic rights in the name of war. Look at the censorship and abuses that exist in Europe in the name of war.

Look at the inflation, the impoverishment of the population. All that for the “noble” cause of war. Just as it was in plandemic (and I intentionally call the pandemic “plandemic” because it was a similar plan devised for the brutalization and subjection of citizens), the war serves the global parallel state on all levels: it grabs the resources, it rob the economies of the population through inflation, and it nullifies citizens’ rights. Let only one try to speak of peace! He is immediately blacklisted and turned into an “enemy of the people.” On the contrary, those who incite war, destruction, loss of human lives are “heroes.”

And it uses them to do something else: to produce weapons. They get rid of all the old weaponry they give to Zelensky, and they are producing large-scale new, state-of-the-art weaponry, just look in the USA how much money is given to the defense budget and how the Americans took to the streets to protest. I mean, there are so many poor, finished, homeless, starving people there, and you, the American state, are throwing money on weapons?

In addition, it uses the USA to destroys its competitors: The EU. THE UNITED STATES does not need the EU. But because at EU level we have only incapacitated and incompetent leaders, they do not realize that they have committed suicide, not only politically, but economically and socially, because the EU is self-dissolving, as it will happen with NATO. We live in a world upside down, where the obligatory official doctrine claims that peace is evil, while war is good! I do not submit to these directives and I took the risk of telling the truth!

VN: How do citizens and politicians in Romania view warfare. Are Romanians thinking of waging war in Ukraine against the Russians? 

SDIS: The citizens and politicians of Romania are on opposite sides, as many times in history. The Romanians do not wish the war, but only witness amazed at the way in which Ukraine persecutes our Romanian minority, closes our churches, persecutes our priests, and more recently destroys our Danube Delta. Romania welcomed the Ukrainian refugees with open arms and spent huge sums to accommodate them and give them services free of charge everywhere, although many of these refugees are richer than ordinary Romanians and defy public opinion in their luxurious cars, treating Romanians with contempt.

Instead of serving their people, Romanians politicians are the puppets of the globalist World Empire. Everything Brussels, NATO and the United States say is accomplished by our politicians without comment. If they are asked to involve Romania into the war, they execute immediatly, because they will not go to the front and their children will not be sent to die!

The Romanians do not wish the war, that is clear, and this is the message I receive from the hundreds of thousands of Romanians who write to me and talk to me on the street on my visits across the country.

Romanians do not want to hear about war or about their traitorous politicians, conducted from outside the country by masters who are willing to throw them into the war. I have reacted harshly every time the false rulers of Romania were on the verge of pushing Romania down this path, and so far I have managed to avoid this disastrous path, because the Romanians were on my side and supported me in my endeavors.

In fact, 4 days after the start of the war, we initiated the only global approach: Neutrality for Romania, the Peace of Bucharest, asking all the embassies of neighboring states and of belligerents, NATO member countries and Brussels to try to conclude peace in the People’s House from Bucharest, the Palace of Parliament.

Amazingly, the only country that received us, me and three other deputies who joined my approach (to understand: 4 out of 466 MPs), was the Russian Federation. Obviously, we were made ”people of Putin”, we were insulted, I was asked to be filed for high treason, I was and I still am banned on all main-stream TV channels in Romania. On March 8, 2022, we took Romanians to the streets and stopped the traitors from Romania’s leadership to send weapons to Ukraine. This has continued and continues to this day, and my replica is that if I am ”putinist”, because I want peace, then, because they want war, they are Hitlerist.

But we don’t know what the future will bring upon us, because the pressures on Romania are increasing, and with its current coward leaders, the fate of the country is at stake. I will fight to the end, at the cost of my life if necessary, to stop Romania from being drawn into this war! To see how much pressure there are, the last two TV stations that still have the courage to invite me to speak have just been fined because of my presence in their studio, so they are trying to shut me down from all sides because I am the only Romanian politician who fights against the war and wants to keep his country away from the conflict.

VN: You were also against forced vaccination. How do you view the consequences of the pandemic today?

SDIS: Forced or coercive vaccination was part of the plan of subjection and control of the population, but also of nullifying public debate and the critic and civic spirit of the people. Congratulations to all those who have resisted pressure and who have been a model of freedom for the whole world, as is the case with your great tennis player Novak Djokovic, who is a world hero for his courage and a symbol of Serbia that has resisted Western pressure. There was a joke in Romania that Djokovic and I would be cousins! 

Now it is shown that vaccination kills and there are more and more cases of so-called “sudden deaths”, plus other negative consequences that time will confirm. I fought against vaccination in Romania and kept many Romanians from this scourge, and now those who were skeptical about the information I had and about my public warnings have started to give me justice. Unfortunately, as soon as the critical mass of citizens was formed to reject criminal policies in the plandemia, the global parallel state pushed things to war so that they could have another way of subduing people and making them forget about the pandemic.

For my actions against restrictions, abuses and forced vaccination in the pandemic, I have suffered unimaginable repercussions, from physical violence in Parliament, in the street from the police force, with the guards in hospitals (because I saved people from forced intubation and because of my intervention they are still alive), to parliamentary sanction. I am the only MP in the democratic world (if you can call this a democracy!) sanctioned for political statements and opinions, with the lifting of the right to represent the Senate in official actions for 3 months – which I annulled in court. I am also the most fined Romanian citizen: 30.000 euro the value of the fines. They tried to take my house, they threatened my children, they tried to build a criminal case against my son.

Also, they sent an Italian journalist expert in NATO troops, Goracci, to frame me into a criminal file, I was attacked in my own cabinet, my husband defended me from the so-called journalists employed by RAI 1 television and now he is being in a trial and they try to convict him. I have myself over 13 criminal cases for thwarting the fight against diseases and stopping vaccination.

My son was kicked out of the football team and was not allowed to play in the Romanian Cup, despite the fact he is a professional footballer and the list is long, my 10-year-old girl was forced to move to a private school, because she was no longer accepted to the public state schools, etc.

I don’t regret anything! The consequences of the plandemic in Romania are not like in the West, because we were few voices that woke people up and did not let them go into the hospitals and convince them to not get vaccinated, and all those who took care of themselves at home survived.

In Romania, the true vaccination percentage is 12.5%, those who are declared vaccinated are only on paper. Even the doctors are not able to see the consequences. We do not know what the vaccine contains, but only that the great Nobel Prize-winning physician Luc Montagner was right: the vaccinated will die in great numbers. I wish that at least the vaccinated children were vaccinated with water, not with this experimental vaccine.

After those years of horror, which reminded of the Nazi period, we have some terrible memories: black plastic bags in which people were thrown and then put directly into the grave without a religious service, without a family nearby, which was considered contact and had to stay in isolation, children who died suffocated from the muzzle, because that object was not a mask, who developed allergies and lung diseases from it, people killed with days in hospitals, intubated in vain, I discovered myself how they are killed and fill in hundreds of criminal complaints.

Elderly people fined for going to buy a bread, children destroyed because of the online school, children who committed suicide because of the state of emergency when people were forced to stay in the house, elderly people killed in elderly homes, children forcibly vaccinated in the placement centers because no one could defend them. All that Nazi experiment remained in our memory, repeating some terrible times from the past, obviously in another form, with other unconventional weapons.

VN: You have Serbian roots, who do you have in Serbia and do you visit our country?

SDIS: My name is IOVANOVICI, and my father is from Macedonia, from Skopje. My paternal grandparents were refugees, and they fought against the system, they have hidden their origins so that they could not be found, I did not know much about them, and I do not know the language. My parents divorced when I was one year old. I have never visited either Macedonia or Serbia, although I would like it very much. I can only say that I admire you from my heart for not letting yourself to be trampled, for reacting and defending Orthodoxy. I would like the Church in Romania to have the same attitude as your Church when there were the parades of promiscuity in Belgrad. I hope to be able to visit both Serbia and Macedonia this year. 

Until then, I admire your tenacity and your love of land and people! A proud people like all the peoples of the Balkans should be! And honestly, I will pick you up a ball on the net: Let’s rebuild the Balkan Pole! Unite we will win!


By Sen. Diana Iovanovici Sosoaca and Večernje Novosti

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