Look Up! – Wake up, People! You are Being Suicided in Warp Speed

Don’t look up! – Lest you could see what nobody wants you to see – namely the Big-Big Lie. As time goes on and Agenda 2030, alias the Great Reset progresses, the asteroid approaching Mother Earth is ever moving closer, is an ever-greater risk for the destruction of our planet. Its ever more obvious.

And we all feel it – we feel the heat of the approaching meteor.

Yet, we are afraid to look up. We are even told there is a comet approaching that could destroy us all. We are scared, scared out of our skins – but we don’t look up to see the ever-growing enormity. Because if we would, we would have to take measures to stop the meteor from hitting our planet.

It would “disturb” our comfort; we would have to stand up, we would have to act in unison to muster the strength to bring about a change in the direction of the asteroid, to safe our planet.

We seem to be scared out of our minds – so much so, that we’d prefer the ostrich-behavior, looking down, even sticking our heads in the sand – not to see the obvious.

Literally, the destruction of our lives. The longer we wait the lesser our chances to deviate the colossal monster approaching us, the monster which is designed to wipe us, humanity out – or a great proportion of us, humans.

We know it, deep down, our innermost intuition tells us that there is something mighty wrong with what is approaching.

Doing nothing is like committing suicide. Because the warning signals have been there and here and everywhere – for years, not just since 2020, when the meteor was first sighted and officially registered.

Cognitive Dissonance and FEAR, yes, repeated FEAR, is their – the Cult Monster’s – greatest instrument of intimidation.

They don’t hide the comet. But it’s up to us to look up and see it, to do whatever it takes to swerving its trajectory away from our Mother Earth. We can do it – we can still do it.

This call for attention, for looking up, is not meant to spread more fear. To the contrary. By seeing your enemy, by looking him in the eye, you gain strength and lose fear.

By doing this collectively, as a solidary unit of humans – facing the lies and stepping finally away from the lies that have swallowed our lives for decades, for centuries, probably for at least the last 2000 years – then we will be able to breathe fresh air. New Energy.

“Don’t Look Up” – (18-min podcast in “apolut” – German alternative media). See this – in German https://apolut.net/schau-nicht-nach-oben-von-ruediger-lenz/ . There is a German transcript. It addresses especially the German situation – but Germany is representative for Europe, and for much of the western world.

Don’t Look Up – is also the title of 2021 released movie about a comet that approaches Mother Earth threatening to destroy her. The comet is a metaphor for the horrendously forceful corporate finance-digital power engineered covid and climate change crises about to destroy Mother Earth.

The movie is yet another warning. It tells us: Do look up! – Look the Monster right into its expressionless, cold killer-face. That’s a step WE have to take in order to stop it. And we can stop it.

The film director Adam McKay points out that we live in a society that allows us to bypass scientific fact and ignore the threat of our own self-destruction for rich people’s short-term gain.

He is absolutely right.

Propaganda tells us not to “look up” – unless we forego our comfort and may see a reality that we have ignored for the past few hundred years of human history – if not longer – and we would not like to see the dark hole in which we are about to disappear.

Most will not look up and do what the dark power tells them to do – “get vaxxed” and follow the “Green Agenda, the so-called New Green Deal – for your safety and health”.

The New Green Deal that uses fake climate change as a pretext for stopping using energy, for collapsing our industry, our livelihood, for destroying agriculture, our sources of food,  bringing about famine, shivering cold and sizzling hot fully geoengineered weaponized weather – with the ultimate goal to eliminate a vast majority of humanity – genocide-eugenics, so, the elite masters – those who carry out the plan for the financial-digital-military complex, will be able to live longer with the still available unrenewable resources.

Those who despite propaganda and threats to the contrary would like to see what the “comet” looks like, become vulnerable to losing their life-earning activities, their “raison d’être” – unless they let themselves be “vaccinated” with a deadly mNRA-injection – a gene-modifying poison – that either kills you immediately, or slowly – or maims you for the rest of your life.

Those who survive despite it all – at least temporarily – will be restricted to eat lab-made food, meat, or insects from Bill Gates’ insect farms and meat factories.

There is more, Bill Gates has now apparently a patent from the US Patent Office. Microsoft was awarded US Patent 6,754,472, which is titled: Method and apparatus for transmitting power and data using the human body. See this for full details https://principia-scientific.com/bill-gates-patent-gives-him-exclusive-rights-to-computerize-humans/ .
Look up! – It’s there.

We are writing mid-December 2022. Forced and fake energy saving measures, mandated by the EU, and adhered to also by the UK, has most of the European Continent already freezing. Sub-freezing temps of -10 degrees Celsius – and colder – and practically overnight triplicated energy prices prevents millions and millions of poor Europeans from heating, pushing them into freezing, into death-bringing diseases – all in the name of population reduction.

The artificially created food shortages, an integral part of the noble Green Agenda – British farmers warn, will bring about a food supply crisis. Famine – more death. And geoengineering will make the winter extra cold and extra-long, very possibly followed by an infertile overly wet spring and hot summer.

A true Cult to be successful has to warn people of what they are up to – but normally nobody listens. “They” know that – we were warned already in late summer, as the geoengineered heat was fading, that we may expect a cold, a very cold Global Northern Winter, affecting especially Europe.

In the UK, according to figures from the End Fuel Poverty Coalition, 16.4 million people (25% of the British population) will be unable to afford heating this winter.

The Warm Welcome Campaign stated that one in ten excess deaths this winter will be attributable to fuel poverty, and that government assistance – despite adding billions of pounds to the national debt, will still fall US$980 equivalent per household short of making up for the increased cost of living.

Some 3,300 ‘warm banks’ have been opened across the UK, as millions of people face the prospect of fuel poverty this winter. The Met Office predicts that temperatures could drop to -10 degrees Celsius in some locations over the next week.

Organized by a coalition of Christian groups, the Warm Welcome Campaign has seen “warm banks” emerging, in the form of community organizations, churches, libraries, and businesses opening their doors to people desperate to come in from the cold. Some of these spaces offer free tea and a space to work. Many are filling up rapidly.

“There’s little doubt that we are heading towards a moment of crisis this winter in the face of energy and fuel inflation,” Christian activist Carl Beech stated on the campaign’s website. “People will be facing a stark choice between food and warmth. Creating warm and super welcoming spaces…is going to be an absolute necessity” (RT – 11 December 2022).

 Look up! – And you will see, there is something deadly wrong.

 Then look across the Atlantic, from where the energy shortage-drive emanates – “it’s Putin’s fault – Russia, Russia, Russia!” – the mandate on Europe to create an energy cum food shortage, to demolish her industrial base, her employment, her livelihood – look across the Atlantic to the Atlantists who have almost zilch, zero energy savings measures in place.

They are still driving over 5-liter-engine SUVs, pick-up trucks, and otherwise fancy gas-guzzling luxury cars, at literally a third or less the gasoline price from what it is in Europe. Most restaurants are still freezing cold from super energy-swallowing air-conditioning. Even though, outside temps have become quite pleasant in the south, and even cool in the mid- and northern part of the country. – And nobody talks about saving on heating costs.

All the while, in tiny Switzerland, paradise of the money masters and white collar “gangsters”, where per capita most Teslas are sold worldwide, a status symbol of the rich, of course! – in this little country, they are talking about banning electric cars for saving energy. The Power of the Greens! Can you imagine!

About 60% of all energy produced in Switzerland stems from renewable hydro-power. The other 40% come from four still operating nuclear power plants. But in 2017 the government decided to phase them out – to follow the powerful Green all destructive Agenda. To the contrary of the Green Propaganda, nuclear power is one of the cleanest, and, yes, safest sources of energy. What will replace nuclear power? – Environmentally harmful – in every sense of the word – windmills and solar panels? Just to conform to the neo-fascist “Soros-philanthropy-funded” Green Agenda?


Look up! – And you’ll see the every-increasing excess mortality everywhere in the Global North. Then look closer, and find out where these excess deaths come from. A myriad of causes. All sorts of aggressive cancers, from liver, to male and female reproductive systems, leukemia and other blood cancers, stomach, even eyes – heart attacks, Sudden Deaths, myocarditis – and so many other diseases. Yes, diseases that always existed. To some extent. But not to today’s extent. As clearly shown by the excess mortality stats. 

Already in early 2021, Mike Yeadon, former VP of Pfizer and Director of Pfizer Research, clearly warned, there will be so many diseases as time goes on after the coercive vaccination campaigns, they will be hard or impossible to trace back to the vaxxes. But they are the cause of the poisonous, toxic injections, called vaccines, we, the people were forced – and in many countries are still forced – to accept, so as to hold on to our jobs, our livelihoods.

Crime has no name anymore.

Our vocabulary lacks the strength to appropriately describe the monstrous ongoing mass-killing tyranny.

What can you say, when you have a country like New Zealand, that just passed legislation, allowing the NZ authorities to take kids away from anti-vaxxer parents; or you have a country, the UK, that allows one of their counties, Oxfordshire, to lock down an entire society for climate change reasons, which every half-way educated person knows it’s a harsh criminally enforced hoax.

People may travel only within their county, or with a special permit crossing into a neighboring county. The legislation is drafted, so it could last forever. – And it can and may most certainly be replicated in other counties and other countries.

Let’s remind us all, who the leaders of these two countries are. Ms. Jacinda Ardern, PM of New Zealand, and Mr. Rishi Sunak, PM of the UK, are both scholars of Klaus Schwab’s (WEF), Academy for Young Global Leaders (YGL). In one of his recent self-gratulatory statements, Klaus Schwab said, how proud he was that the WEF was able to infiltrate (his word) governments around the world.

Look up!

Again, and again – learn, look the enemy in the eye. Seek out on your own statistics – and you will see that fertility rates are going down drastically, by both women and men.

In many EU countries life-child births have gone down by 40%. Emphasis on life-births, because death born fetuses are drastically on the rise. – The vaxxes. In many hospitals, pregnant women are forced to be vaxxed.

Crime no-end!

An urgent call for a Nuremberg 2.0 is of the order.

A call for a new justice system. Nothing that exists today can be reformed. It is rotten to the core. A rotten tomato cannot be reformed.

Our society needs renewal.

No Reset.

Schwab, Gates, Rockefeller, Soros – et al – must go. The colossus financial-digital-military complex, that dictates the ever-growing tranny and totally genocidal and enslaving control from the shadow, must be sidestepped.

RENEWAL of everything.

But we have to look up to see it.

Reaching out hands to each other, in a spiritual and physical solidarity, We the People, can overcome.

We MUST. Otherwise……



Peter Koenig is a geopolitical analyst and a former Senior Economist at the World Bank and the World Health Organization (WHO), where he worked for over 30 years around the world. He lectures at universities in the US, Europe and South America. He writes regularly for online journals and is the author of Implosion – An Economic Thriller about War, Environmental Destruction and Corporate Greed; and  co-author of Cynthia McKinney’s book “When China Sneezes: From the Coronavirus Lockdown to the Global Politico-Economic Crisis” (Clarity Press – November 1, 2020) Peter is a Research Associate of the Centre for Research on Globalization (CRG). He is also is a non-resident Senior Fellow of the Chongyang Institute of Renmin University, Beijing. 

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