After doing virtually nothing to help underwater homeowners for 8 years, Obama acted to slightly reduce mortgage insurance payments.

But there’s a catch …

Obama made sure the program to reduce mortgage insurance wouldn’t start to happen until after Trump became president:

Then – when Trump said no to the program – the media trumpeted the fake news that Trump had killed an established and cherished Obama-era program.

Another example of Obama booby-trapping Trump is making the news today …

Specifically, Obama struck an agreement with the Prime Minister of Australia – days before presidential election – agreeing to swap refugees from Latin America held by the U.S. in exchange for Iranian and other refugees held by Australia.

CNN notes:

Under the arrangement, agreed by Obama and Turnbull in November within days of Trump’s election, Australia would transfer around 1,250 refugees currently held in offshore detention centers on the Pacific Island nation of Nauru and Papua New Guinea’s Manus Island to the US.

BBC reports:

In return, [Australia] greed to resettle refugees from Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador.


All of the occupants [which would be sent by Australia to the U.S.] are male. By far the largest number are from Iran, followed by Afghanistan and Iraq. There are also sizeable contingents from Bangladesh, Pakistan and Myanmar.

Today, much of the mainstream press is denouncing Trump for speaking harshly to the Australian Prime Minister about the refugee deal.

But again, this was a deal arranged by Obama as he was on the way out of office, and when he would pay no price at all.

And there are many other examples …

The Hill reported in December:

President Obama has taken a number of unilateral actions in the waning days of his tenure that appear designed to box in President-elect Donald Trump.

Obama’s decision Thursday to sanction Russian entities for election-related hacking is just the latest obstacle he has placed in Trump’s way.

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