NATO’s Inevitable War: The Flood of Lies regarding Libya

The colossal campaign of lies, unleashed by the mass media, resulted in great confusion in world public opinion. Some time will go by before we can reconstruct what has really happened in Libya, and we can separate the true facts from the false ones that have been spread.

Petroleum and Empire in North Africa. NATO Invasion of Libya Underway

In short, almost everything in the western press on the crises in Libya is slanted by some faction, or interest, or it is tainted by western arrogance, or by anti-imperialist ideology (of ‘solidarity’), even in the case of the alternative media. There is very little accurate reporting of any kind (but some good work linked or cited herein).

US, UK, French forces land in Libya

By Akhtar Jamal:       Several hundred “defence advisors” to support anti-Ghadafi Forces Islamabad—The United States, Britain and France have sent several hundred “defence advisors” to train and support the anti-Gadhafi forces in oil-rich…

China: US-made Jasmine Revolution’s ultimate target

[Editorial]  US seem determined to apply some of its most destabilizing tactics to China. Last Sunday,Feb. 20, it, with operation code name, “Jasmine Revolution”(JR), attempted to apparently revive the so-called “1989 democracy movement” throughout China…