“Russia, DPRK Signed a ‘Military Alliance’ Equivalent to NATO”

“DPRK(aka, “North Korea”), Shunned for Decades, Welcomed into New Multipolar World”

For decades, the people of North Korea have suffered under strict sanctions imposed by the so-called “International Rules-Based Order.” On Tuesday, Russian President Vladimir Putin visited Pyongyang and signed a strategic partnership with his counterpart Kim Jong Un, opening the secretive nation to the new emerging multipolar world.

In a letter to the North Korean people, Putin praised the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea (DPRK) for being able to withstand “US economic pressure, provocation, blackmail and military threats that have lasted decades,” and said that the two countries are united in their fight against the US, which he said “is making every desperate effort to impose on the world the so-called ‘order based on rules’ which is nothing but a world-wide neocolonialist dictatorship based on the ‘double standards.’”

“This is huge,” explained international relations and security expert Mark Sleboda on Sputnik’s The Final Countdown on Wednesday.

“Now the details of this are not known. It is being called a ‘mutual aid in case of aggression’ It does not specify and it does not rule out actually going to war with whoever the perpetrator of the aggression against either party. But I have to point out that neither does NATO’s Article Five mutual defense clause… So, by this analysis, without knowing the details yet, it seems and it’s being reported in the Western press that Russia and North Korea just signed a military alliance equivalent to NATO, which is huge.”

Russian President Vladimir Putin’s visit to North Korea. June 19, 2024.  – Sputnik International, 1920, 19.06.2024

Putin’s North Korea Visit ‘Directly Challenges US Regional Clout’

North Korea has been under sanctions and embargoes by the United States since the Korean War started. While there have been brief periods of cooling between the US and the DPRK, the relationship has been overwhelmingly hostile over the decades.

Since 2006, the UN Security Council has passed nearly a dozen resolutions that sanctioned the DPRK, an action that required the support of both Russia and China, something that is unlikely to happen with this new paradigm.

“No more sanctions against North Korea, that’s for sure. That is not going to happen. The US is not going to get anything [in the UN Security Council],” explained Sleboda, adding that the mutual aid pact from Russia also prevents any US attack on North Korea, something it has threatened for decades.

While the global trend against US-led Western hegemony was already gearing up before the NATO Proxy War against Russia in Ukraine, it was vastly accelerated by that and Putin thanked the DPRK for their support in Ukraine.

“We highly appreciate that the DPRK is firmly supporting the special military operations of Russia being conducted in Ukraine, expressing solidarity with us on major international issues and maintaining the common line and stand at the UN,” the Russian leader wrote.

North Korea has long been called the “hermit nation” by the West and is extremely isolated on the world stage. But that could be changing with their growing relationship with Russia.

“I know that multiple Russian tourist companies are setting up tours into North Korea. That’s already been going on. I’ve been seeing that in the local media here in Moscow,” Sleboda revealed.

Many astute observers correctly predicted that US aggression in Ukraine and Asia would drive China and Russia together, something everyone from Noam Chomsky to Henry Kissinger warned would be disastrous for the United States. But few predicted that it would drive two other US adversaries together as well, and the administration of US President Joe Biden has no one to blame but themselves.

Building of Russia’s Federation Council. File photo – Sputnik International, 1920, 19.06.2024

Russia’s Federation Council: ‘Shaping New Multipolar World — Objective Process’

“Yesterday and tomorrow, Russia supported the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea and the heroic Korean people in the fight against the cunning, dangerous and aggressive enemy and in the struggle to defend independence, originality and the right to choose one’s own path of development and will continue to do so in the future. I will support you,” Putin promised the North Korean people.



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