Chinese Foreign Ministry: The criticisms of China over opposing Human Rights Council resolution on Syria are illogical

BEIJING- China on Friday reiterated its rejection of using the international organizations to issue “biased and selective” resolutions, describing some countries’ criticisms of its objective, just and responsible stance over its vote on a draft UN Human Rights Council resolution about Syria as “illogical and not acceptable at all”.

“Those countries’ criticisms of China are illogical and not acceptable for us at all,” Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman, Hung Li, told a press conference.

He noted that China supports protecting the human rights of Syrian people and is ready to work with the international community and play a constructive role to reach a peaceful and appropriate solution to the crisis in Syria.

“We believe that the Syrian people’s main desire is putting an end to the acts of violence against the innocent civilians and restoring national stability and social order as soon as possible,” Hung Li added.

He said that if those countries are sincerely interested in the Syrians’ rights, they should facilitate the cease-fire and urge to speed up the starting of comprehensive political dialogue, adding that the pressuring of one side does not help in easing the current tension and protecting the Syrian people’s rights.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman said that China always supports finding appropriate solution to differences about human rights through dialogue and constructive cooperation.

He stressed that his country sees that the UN Human Rights Council should work “in a non-biased and non-selective way”, and it opposes certain resolutions regarding certain countries.

Hung Li said that China made it clear several times that the Security Council’s measures concerning the Syrian issue should follow the principles and objectives of the UN Charter, help in easing tension and encouraging political dialogue to resolve differences and contribute to protecting peace and stability in the Middle East region and the unity of the international community.

He stressed that China’s stance has always been objective, just and responsible.


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