China, Russia must stop now US/NATO-led military intervention in Libya!


Among UN Security Council members, China and Russia are the only members not to involve in US/NATO-led military plot to invade Libya. In addition to three former colonial powers who are, absurdly and unjustly, present Security Council members such as US, Britain, and France who’ve been in traditional strategic alliance for over a half century, Germany and Italy, happens to be the former colonial power of Libya, are also in line to readily join their former Western colonial colleagues.

According to their claims, they are about to take part in the so-called “humanitarian aid” in support of Libyans who’ve challenged over 40 years of Gadhafi regime. However, it seems hardly true. The “humanitarian aid” isn’t really what they are interested in doing. According to modern history which has been dominated by the Western colonial powers, in most cases, if not all the time, it’s nothing to do with the real humanitarian thing.

Instead this is a very much deceptive language US/West has often employed during military conflicts in order to cover up or disguise their real goals, i.e., their military, economic and strategic ends. The history plainly shows they have repeatedly used the so-called “humanitarian aid” as a deceptive tactic to cover up their military interventions against mostly defenseless, smaller or weaker third world nations such as Grenada, Panama, Somalia, Afganistan, Iraq, etc.

To simply put it, what they are about to do in the name of US/NATO-led international humanitarian assistance is something like (someone may call it in a way) a UN-licensed “international robbery”! What they’re up to now is like getting a few pieces of a cake by any means necessary from some big guy(s) who are about to eat up or posses it anyway.

Or to put it bluntly, it’s another viciously-fraudulent, morally-hypocritical and willfully-deceitful military strategy by the West against Libya, a Arab nation but relatively more anti-imperialistic and independent one. So, what the US/Western media has done, thereby most of the world’s media, too, in unison was to demonize Gadhafi in order to justify their military occupation plot against another sovereign third world nation, this time, the formerly colonized Libya.

Thus, what’s happening right now in Libya is in fact a stereotypical thing which has repeatedly taken place almost all the time throughout the four five centuries-long colonial captivities by the West. Therefore, what the UN Security Council unanimously endorsed those former colonial Western powers to go ahead to “sanction Libya” could be most likely a strategically irrecoverable mistake or miscalculation.

For it’d surely provide them a badly needed international, legal and political justification for their clandestinely-planned military invasion plot. It could mean those the other two Security Council members could have inadvertently or unintentionally justified another Western immoral, hypocritical and deceitful military intervention against an independent nation.

As a very much expected result, AP reports on March 8 the following story: “The U.S. and its NATO allies edged closer Monday to formulating a military response to the escalating violence in Libya as the alliance boosted surveillance flights over the country and the Obama administration signaled it might be willing to help arm Moammar Gadhafi’s opponents. Europe, meanwhile, kick-started international efforts to impose a no-fly zone.”

I wonder if today is not too late for China and Russia do something about it immediately to stop another US/NATO’s military intervention against a sovereign nation. Or do everything possible to deter their plot for the time being. Otherwise, it seems sooner or later China, Russia and the world community of justice and conscience could do most likely regret terribly for a longtime to come.

The US/NATO-led military adventurism must be stopped now once for all! The UN must not repeat what they did in the cases of Korean War, Vietnam, Afganistan, Iraq and so on. These past and present wars and conflicts are strikingly identical in many aspects. China and Russia must do everything possible now before it’s too late to stop another “crimes against humanity” and/or “war crimes” by the US/West.


Dr. Kiyul Chung is Editor-in-chief at the 4th Media and also Visiting Professor at Tsinghua School of Journalism and Communication in Beijing, China.

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