China Pavilion holds New year festivities

The China Pavilion at the Shanghai World expo ground, welcomed 300,000 people during the spring festival holidays. The attendance on Saturday and Sunday set a new record as daily peak  recorded 48,000 visitors at Shanghai expo exhibition ground, where people gathered to welcome the new Rabbit year 2011.

According to Shanghai daily, the China Pavilion at the Shanghai World Expo site has extended its opening hours to 8pm from 5pm after nearly 50,000 people, the pavilion’s maximum capacity, visited each day at the weekend. The China Pavilion had been decorated with a new logo of a rabbit and two carrots to mark the country’s Lunar New Year celebrations.

Shanghai World Expo authorities said that about 300,000 tourists have visited the China Pavilion of the expo during the seven-day Spring Festival holiday.
A Xinhua news agency report said that more than 1,500 staff, police and volunteers were assigned to the China Pavilion to ensure public safety during the holiday. Also, the organizers at Expo also sold tickets in advance and extended opening hours to accommodate the large number of visitors.

China Pavilion saw thousands of people trooping in for new year festivities

Tourists from outside Shanghai, overseas and domestic land contained 70 percent of the total visitors during the holiday, according to a survey by the organizer. The China Pavilion of the Shanghai World Expo had reopened on December 1, 2010 and will remain open to the public until the end of May this year according to the report.

The theme of the 2010 Expo  was “Better City, Better Life,” representing the common wish of the mankind for a better living in future urban environments. This theme represents a central concern of the international community for future policy making, urban strategies and sustainable development.

The Shanghai expo is providing an extraordinary educational and entertaining platform for visitors of all nations; also Expo is a blend of diverse cultures in one city. These kinds of events like Spring Festival attract so many tourists from all over the world in China and Expo represents the beautiful culture of China and also the innovations of science and technology in a same way.

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