Child survivor of China train crash transferred to Shanghai hospital

A two-year-old girl who miraculously survived last month’s fatal high-speed train crash in east China’s Zhejiang Province was transferred to a hospital in Shanghai for further treatment on Monday.

Xiang Weiyi, who was pulled out of a demolished train car 21 hours after the crash, arrived at the Xinhua Hospital affiliated with Shanghai Communications University around midday, accompanied by her grandmother and uncle.

Xiang, who lost both of her parents in the crash, was the last survivor to be found in the wreckage after a bullet train rear-ended a stalled train on a railway in Wenzhou on July 23.

Xiang underwent five operations at a hospital in Wenzhou to repair her left leg, which was seriously injured and nearly had to be amputated. She will receive further treatment for her injured leg in Shanghai at the request of her uncle Xiang Yuyu, who wrote a letter to the Ministry of Railways on Aug. 14 pleading for better treatment for his niece.

Wu Hao, the vice president of Xinhua Hospital, said a team of experts is examining Xiang and will create the best recovery plan possible for her.

Dr. Zhao Li, a doctor specializing in child orthopaedics, said the child will need a “pretty long time to recover.”

The train crash killed 40 people and injured 177. As of last Friday, 106 of the injured patients have been discharged from 11 hospitals in Wenzhou, while another 19 have returned to their hometowns for further medical treatment.


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