Can China-Russia strategic alliance secure a birth of a “new” world order?


Chinese President Hu Jintao’s official state visit to Moscow in mid June, after his trip to Kazakhstan for the 10th Anniversary Summit gathering of Shanghai Cooperation Organization (SCO), must be one of the most important geopolitical events in recent history.


Because the world at this very moment is at a great historical crossroad! This sort of statement could be justified for the following points:

  1. The world now stands at a critical juncture where it’d be either “subdued by or overcoming US/NATO military aggressions” in North African region, particularly against Libya, Syria, and even possibly Iran, too; 
  2. If those US-led “colonial, hegemonic, and imperialistic” NATO forces succeed anyway both in Libya and Syria, no matter how others accuse, argue or challenge their illegal, hypocritical behaviors, they’ll then, without doubt, attempt to rush again into Iran as their next target for sure; 
  3. If that’s going to be the case, sooner or later, then the immediate future of the world would look extremely grim, terrible and, most of all, hopeless. 


Because the Eurocentric world order or West-oriented global power relations or US-dictated, -imposed, and -forced world order will be continually imposed upon the current world affairs.

Then, what may come?

Many readily predict there will be much worse consequences in the form of centuries-familiar military invasions, interventions, and wars which will surely accompany continued destructions, massacres, and thereby continued degradations of humanity as a whole.

In the world of cunning, deceptive and vicious US/NATO power play, China, Russia, of course, other old targets such as Cuba, DPRK, Iran, Venezuela, too, won’t be left out unharmed or free from the aggressors’ ongoing “soft power” strategies through so-called “Jasmine Revolutions” or any other form of “cultural indoctrinations” (i.e., being continually Americanized and/or Westernized).

Then China, Russia, and their allies should expect more from the latter’s typical propaganda war in the form of media deception, control, manipulation, demonization in the name of their “democracy, freedom and human rights” chorus.

What would it mean then?

There will be many more arbitrary, illegal, and unilateral attempts to violate international laws, norms and regulations.

There will be a lot more and much (much!) worse violations of national sovereignties of independent nations around the globe.

Therefore the whole world, as if one can’t even breathe due to the extreme degree of historic importance at this very moment in the 21st Century, is watching if the evermore strengthening strategic alliance between China and Russia, and the other equally-crucial strategic alliances among those five BRICS nations, together with those SCO nations, could suffice enough to deter the present US/NATO military aggressions in North Africa region or not.

The whole world is watching with great anxiety if China, Russia, together with other responsible global powers, could be bold, fast and decisive enough to stop them from completely taking over the whole Libya, Syria and even Iran by illegal use of force.

Many believe the strategic relationship between China and Russia, together with their traditional allies in today’s global power-restructuring contexts of BRICS and SCO, could eventually secure to build a genuinely new world order which is based upon the “win-win” (共赢) principles of mutual respect, cooperation, co-prosperity, if (only if!) they can continue to stay, without being divided any bit, in the present course.

Many even for second wouldn’t hypothesize the other end of the case.

For that other case would surely mean the continuation of darkness.

For it won’t be an easily recoverable failure for, most likely, a long while.

Therefore there is only one option, the only choice for China, Russia and other BRICS and SCO nations to succeed in their strategic, long-term and historic alliances which could surely deter the US/NATO military aggressions for the sake of the whole humanity!

Dr. Kiyul Chung who is Editor in chief at the 4th Media is also a Visiting Professor at School of Journalism and Communication, Tsinghua University.

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