Should the President Murdered, Syrian Military Will Begin Targeting Legitimate Military Targets in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, …

Assad: The Gloves Will Be Taken Off

On Monday 14 January the inner circle of the Syrian Cabinet, Military High Command and Syria´s President Assad have held a meeting to make provisions for an eventual assassination of the Syrian President.

Both Syrian and Iranian intelligence services have recently issued warnings that the “pro-regime change alliance”, led by the USA, has trained and deployed special forces and Salafist assassination squads in an attempt to emulate the strategy that has cast Libya into chaos after the assassination of Libyan head of state Muammar Ghadafi.

To plan for all eventualities, President Assad has issued his last orders which will be carried out in the case that an assassination attempt should be successful. The orders are comparable with an assurance that the gloves will being taken off if Syria´s head of state should be assassinated.

In May 2012 US President Barak Obama issued a statement to international media, saying that the USA would not attempt to assassinate President Bahar Al-Assad. That however, does not mean that the USA would be complaining in case Saudi Arabia, Qatar, or any of the Saudi and Qatari sponsored terrorist organizations should succeed in assassinating Syria´s head of state.

Russian and Syrian intelligence services warned already in late 2011 that intercepted internet communications strongly indicated that the Saudi Arabian Ministry of the Interior had deployed Al Qaeda´s Omar Brigade from Saudi Arabia to Syria.

The Omar Brigade has earned a reputation for consisting of Al Qaeda´s expert bomb and assassination teams and for being responsible for the death of countless US troops and high profile targets in Iraq during the second Iraq war and the subsequent occupation of the country.

After two major campaigns in June and July 2012 failed to secure the city of Aleppo as the seat for a provisional government which could semi-legitimately apply for foreign intervention, the Free Syrian Army had been decisively defeated by the Syrian military.

Subsequently Saudi Arabia and Qatar began financing and organizing a massive influx of Salafist and Wahabist terrorist organizations to continue the attempted subversion. The strategy however, proved in many respects to be a failure.

The radical Islamist mercenaries and daily war crimes of the most serious nature prompted many of those who initially had taken up arms against the Syrian government to realign themselves with the Syrian government, the Syrian military, and the peaceful Syrian opposition.

The International Crisis Group evaluated that the massive presence of the Saudi backed radicals caused the Syrian people to rally behind the Syrian government and President Assad and that the strategy to float Syria with foreign fighters would fail.

The recent disclosure of a classified Saudi Arabian document which was published at nsnbc in December 2012 indicated that Saudi Arabia was about to having depleted its recruitment potential for Al Qaeda mercenaries who could be deployed to Syria.

The document contained a list with the names of several hundred prisoners, predominantly Arab and African countries nationals, who had been sentenced to death and who had been given the choice between execution and training in “Holy War” and deployment to Syria.

After the recent failure to unite a credible political and military opposition in Doha, Qatar, with the number of available new recruits dwindling and the need to deploy high profile Al Qaeda officers to Mali, the pro-regime change opposition is increasingly challenged by international demands to halt the sponsoring of terrorism and to take part in a peaceful settlement of the crisis.

In late December U.K. Prime Minister David Cameron however, insisted on “regime change, no matter what“.

With all options on the table, the option of assassinating Syria´s head of state is on the table too, and it increasingly seems to become the most feasible, if not the only option that could both bring about regime change and prevent a direct military intervention which would cause a response from Iran, Hezbollah, and most likely also Russia.

Recent reports from Iranian and Syrian intelligence services indicate that the “pro-regime change alliance” has deployed both special forces and specially trained terrorist teams who are taking part in a coordinated attack against the Syrian capitol Damascus, and who are trained to assassinate President Bashar Al-Assad.

Subsequent to the meeting of the inner circle of the Syrian Cabinet, the Military High Command and President Assad the Syrian government informed the Syrian and international media that contingency plans had been made and that the President had issued the order which shall be carried out in case of a successful assassination attempt.

The orders are not only safeguarding the legitimate succession of government. The orders counter the very strategy to assassinate President Assad to prevent an open military intervention.

One way to understand the orders President Assad has issued with the cabinet and the military is as an assurance that the gloves will be taken off in case of an assassination.

Should the President be murdered, the Syrian military will begin targeting legitimate military targets in Israel, Jordan, Turkey, and any other nation that is actively supporting the ongoing aggression.

These attacks would most likely result in a regional war with the involvement of Iran and Hezbollah.



Dr. Christof Lehmann, Founder and Chief Editor at nsnbc, is one of the frequent contributors for The 4th Media.

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