83-Year-Old Woman Denied Health Care Over “Carbon Footprint”

The case for killing granny meets global warming alarmism

If you want to get a glimpse of what life will be like under Obamacare, just look to the UK, where government-run health care continues to produce ludicrous stories like this – a pensioner who had visited the same doctor’s practice for 30 years was told to find a new GP because of concerns over the “carbon footprint” of her 2 mile round trip.
After 83-year-old Avril Mulcahy complained about a doctor, she was told that the practice had a problem over her “green traveling issues” and ordered her to re-register at another practice.

The the West Road Surgery in Westcliff-on-Sea, Essex, wrote a letter to the pensioner stating, “Our greatest concern is for your health and convenience but also taking into consideration green travelling issues. Re: Carbon footprints and winter weather conditions, we feel it would be advisable for patients to register at surgeries nearer to where they live. We would be very grateful if you could make the necessary arrangements to re-register at another practice.”

“When I read through the letter, I found it absolutely ridiculous they were saying the reason was to decrease their carbon footprint,” Mulcahy told the London Telegraph. “I have been a patient at the practice for 30 years now, and there has never been any problem.”

Mulcahy added that the episode had caused stress and prompted worries that she would not be able to obtain her prescription medication.

In the UK, patients cannot seek private health care without first being referred by a National Health Service GP. This can often take weeks because it is like a lottery attempting to get an NHS appointment. Government-run health care in the United Kingdom is notoriously poor and horror stories about wrong legs being amputated and other medical nightmares are routinely in the news.

Given the fact that death panels, euphemistically called “Payment Advisory Boards,” are a part of Obamacare, expect to see health authorities in the U.S. think up similarly inventive ways to deny treatment to the elderly.
Furthermore, if Bill Gates gets his way, the ‘case for killing granny’ – promoted by Newsweek Magazine – will become a reality under a state-run medical system.

During an Aspen Institute conference in 2010, Gates argued that elderly patients should be denied treatment and left to die because the money would be better spent on paying teachers’ wages.

Gates said there was a “lack of willingness” to consider the question of choosing between “spending a million dollars on that last three months of life for that patient” or laying off ten teachers.

“But that’s called the death panel and you’re not supposed to have that discussion,” added Gates.

Bringing the issue back full circle to the idea of ‘carbon footprints,’ Gates has publicly advocated that vaccines be used to lower population in order to reduce CO2 emissions, a task that could only be accomplished if such immunizations are used to sterilize people against their will.

The notion that people should be denied vital services and punished for not reducing their “carbon footprint” is a wet dream for climate change alarmist control freaks who have hijacked the environmental movement in their bid to create a tightly regulated society controlled by a ruthless technocracy.

An illustration emblematic of the attitude embraced by global warming alarmists is the video clip below, produced by the UK government-backed 10:10 organization, which portrayed children being violently killed for refusing to lower their carbon footprints.



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