7 cities form tourism alliance in China

As the Beijing Shanghai High Speed Rail gives more convenience for residents to travel, 7 cities along the route including Beijing, Tianjin and Nanjing have united to form a city tourism alliance.

The 7 cities signed a declaration of cooperation in Jinan, the capital city of east China’s Shangdong Province, aiming to promote regional tourism along the railway.

The declaration requires the signatories to cooperate in areas such as passenger source search, tourism promotion and cross-city customer service. Tourism authorities and travel agencies have started to promote one-day or two-day tours, targeting at travelers during the weekends.

Wang Yuansheng, deputy director of Tourism Admin. of Shandong Province, said, “The Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway provides a good platform to organize the travel resources across provinces. We will unite in the future to promote more attractive routes, connecting Beijing, Tianjin and Shandong.”

He Zhineng, deputy director of Tianjin Tourism Bureau, said, “Tourism sector along the Beijing Shanghai High Speed Railway will be changed. We need a platform to cooperate, to deal with these changes. It also allows us to further promote the cooperation to a bigger region, to promote the development of tourism industry.”


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