Kabbalistic Zionism Is at the Core of World Events

Kabbalistic Zionism was and is at the core of all the world events… and yet, oddly enough, it is never mentioned in any of the major organs of news and communication

Hugh Akins began studying religious and political issues and world events and their root causes in 1969, the year he returned home, more or less in one piece, from nearly two long, grueling and painful years fighting in the jungles and highlands of South Vietnam with the Army’s elite rapid deployment strike force, the famed 173rd Airborne Brigade.

It was that experience, in which he came face-to-face with unimaginable Evil – Judeo-Masonic Communism in action – which prompted him to dedicate his life to countering evil by doing good.

A native of New York, Akins is now living with his family in Florida. He is the author of Synagogue Rising.

In this interview, he produces some light in the age-old question.

JEA: You wrote in Synagogue Rising,

“Kabbalistic Zionism was and is at the core of all the world events recently and presently unfolding, and encompasses all the burning issues and dangerous trends of our day, and yet, oddly enough, it is never mentioned in any of the major organs of news and communication—not even the Catholic or Christian ones, alarming and disgraceful as this is, and certainly never held up as one  of the pressing national concerns and uppermost issues in our national elections, any more than in papal decrees and ecclesiastical synods.”[1]

JEA: Can you historically expand on this view?

HA: World War I provides us with a classic example. It erupted in 1914 and by 1916 Germany had emerged victorious and was offering England the most generous and humane peace treaty imaginable, which England was wisely about to accept.

Enter at this point the ever-subversive Hidden Hand of International Jewry, surfacing here not as Freemasonry or Bolshevism but Zionism.

It was these anti-Christian Jewish fanatics that hatched the Zionist/terrorist plan (a) to re-ignite and greatly expand and escalate the war against Germany; (b) to manipulate America’s entry into the war by blackmailing U.S. President Wilson and by making up the story of the sinking of the S.S. Sussex by a German submarine, which attack never occurred; (c) to seize and occupy Palestine and (d) to create there a future Zionist state, all of which unfolded precisely according to plan.

Some of the Jewish players and their non-Jewish minions in this dark scheme were Chaim Weitzman who later became the first president of the bastard state of Israel; Walter Rothschild of the Jewish Dynasty that has long ruled the world; Rothschild pawns Arthur Balfour and David Lloyd George, President Wilson and Edward Mandell House, Samuel Untermeyer and Jacob Schiff, Supreme Court Justice Brandeis and Rabbi Stephen Wise, Bernard Baruch and others.

World War One, no less than World War Two and the ongoing War on Terror so-called, were/are absolute victories for Talmudic Jewry and devastating losses for the rest of humanity.

And yet there remains a massive cover-up and conspiracy of silence over such crimes and conspiracies.

Based alone on the extent of this vast collective censorship, we cannot but conclude that there are today far more intellectual prostitutes among our most respected and high-profiled investigative reporters, journalists, anchors, writers, commentators, academicians, scholars, experts, and even religious leaders, than there are men and women of truth and intellectual integrity.[2]

JEA: You cite Fr. Enrico Rosa, former editor of La Civilta Cattolica, saying,

“Like our predecessors, we absolutely insist on showing justice and charity toward Jews…while at the same time being convinced that they will not do the same toward us, as they have certainly not done in the persecutions of the Church that they have unleashed or promoted in the past, in concert with the freemasons, to whom they have lent powerful support, as well as with other subversive and anti-Christian groups, particularly from the French Revolution up to our own time…

“If the Jews are on our soil, they have not come to it innocently, but rather in order to take it away from us Christians, or to plot against our faith…They are an enemy whose goal is to appropriate our land and deprive us of heaven… “that has never led us, and will never lead us, to act toward them in the same way, but only to prevent them from doing harm, and to protect others from their omnipotence, and that for the common good, particularly the moral and religious good, as well as for the salvation of the Jews themselves.”[3]

I am sure you know that there are some mush-heads out there who seriously believe that the Jewish question cannot be solved until all the Jews are rounded up and killed. I have heard one of their speeches myself. What is the distinction between those people and the traditional Catholic position?

HA: There’s a world of difference between those who propose on the one hand a violent and on the other hand a peaceful solution to the Jewish problem. We are of course fully aware of certain unbalanced extremists that advocate the elimination of Jews from the planet, as difficult as it is for sane and moral-minded men to fathom. In no way can this be deemed a Christian solution. Even less is it Catholic. We wholeheartedly renounce such a preposterous measure as both morally reprehensible and morally inconceivable.

First of all, Jews which actually pose a grave and immediate threat to … nations (which are all but extinct in this age of universal apostasy) are a very small minority of hard-core elitists given to nothing less than a demonic hatred of ….

It’s true that this small coterie has achieved global power and now rules the world and directs history to its own sinister ends, and that it constitutes the power behind most wars and most of the other evils and disasters that plague modern peoples.

However, it would nonetheless be an act of gross injustice, not to mention cruel inhumanity, to retaliate against the greater number of common Jews for the high crimes and wicked plots of a very small number of criminal and conspiratorial Jews.

But recognizing that not every Jew is our enemy is not to say that we should not be actively exposing and fighting Jewish intrigues against Christianity – whether the Mossad-directed terror attacks of 9/11, the whole War on Terror being fought not for freedom and democracy but for our enslavement under Israel, Zionism and World Jewry; the rising police state in America with its assaults on our liberty by the Patriot Act and Department of Homeland Security; the illegal immigration invasion, the corruption of our youth, the attacks on morals and culture by Jewish Hollywood; the destruction of our economy and theft of our nation’s wealth by Jewish Wall Street and the Zionist controlled Congress and White House, and on and on it goes.

Again, it’s our duty to renounce all the works of darkness and to combat the Synagogue of Satan in all its diabolical manifestations.

Definitely, we should be mounting the strongest possible opposition against such Jewish fronts and/or kindred evils as theological and political liberalism, esoteric Freemasonry and Plutocratic Capitalism, Marxian Bolshevism and socialism, relativism and secularism, and totalitarianism and Zionism above all else, for they are the greatest of perils and the world’s foremost weapons of mass destruction.

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By Jonas E. Alexis & Hugh Akins

Published by Veterans Today

[Editor’s note: For the sake of our global viewers/readers, some of the heavily, or too much, Christian religious-oriented arguments from the author’s articles are omitted.]


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