Lavrov’s Latest Tour Proved That Russia Is Far From Isolated


The US-led Western Mainstream Media (MSM) has claimed for over the past five months already that Russia is supposedly “isolated”, but that’s only true with respect to the Golden Billion and its related organizations.

Across the Global South, however, this Eurasian Great Power is more popular than ever as proven by Foreign Minister Lavrov’s latest tour.

Observers mostly paid attention to the fact that he traveled to four African countries, but he also met with representatives from the African Union and the Arab League while in Ethiopia and Egypt respectively.

Furthermore, he left the continent for Uzbekistan right afterwards, where he participated in the SCO’s Foreign Ministers’ meeting.

Taken together, the African Union, Arab League, and the SCO represent the vast majority of the Global South.

A quick glance at the map shows that these three multipolar organizations cover almost the entirety of the Eastern Hemisphere except for ASEAN, the EU, and a few countries in between.

Far from being isolated, Russia is smack dab in the center of the global systemic transition to multipolarity and is actively being courted by almost every country across this part of the world.

The Global South enthusiastically embraces Russia since it appreciates its leadership’s efforts to put an end to America’s declining unipolar hegemony as declared by President Putin in his global revolutionary manifesto.

It’s also worth mentioning that only countries in the US’ “sphere of influence” across the Golden Billion have followed its lead by sanctioning Russia while not a single one in the Global South did the same.

This speaks to the fact that only the second-mentioned category of states is truly sovereign while the first are nothing but neo-imperial vassals.

It might be intellectually jarring for some observers to countenance, but the Malian junta is more independent than the EU’s German leader while tiny Tajikistan has much more sovereignty than France, for example.

All of this goes to show just how profoundly International Relations are changing at this historical moment in time.

The emerging Multipolar World Order is characterized by sovereign states and related integration organizations like the African Union, Arab League, the SCO, and others.

The declining unipolar one, meanwhile, is akin to a prison of nations captured by America over the decades.

The first is dynamic while the second is stagnant.

From Russia’s perspective, there’s nothing to be gained from dealing with the Golden Billion since it’s fast becoming a relic of the past as its fading leadership over International Relations is rapidly replaced by the Global South’s rising role in the world system.

The only isolated countries are those under American control who aren’t allowed to participate in these processes.

Russia and its over one hundred partners across the Global South are at the forefront of the global systemic transition while the US and its vassals are being left in the dust as they delusionally attempt to cling to an outdated world order.

By literally isolating themselves, they’re ensuring that they lack the capability to shape the emerging order, which is being built around the interests of non-Western countries for the first time in half a millennium.

De-dollarization is proceeding apace, South-South cooperation is flourishing, and the ongoing Global Revolution brought about by Russia openly declaring its intent to dismantle unipolarity is changing the entire world before everyone’s eyes.



By Andrew Korybko, American political analyst
Published by OneWorld.Press

Republished by The 21st Century

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