MUST WATCH: President Putin Speaks to Media following 2021 Russia-US Summit in Geneva



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[Editorial note: For the sake of our global readers, we pasted copies of some of the comments Youtube viewers left on President Putin’s press conference in Geneva. We believe it’d be quite educational if you go through some of the comments list below.]


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Sub Atomic Particle
Lets see Biden talk to the Russian media unscripted. Never going to happen.



Christopher Schaefer
Russia wanted America to agree to establishing an International Organisation to deal with Cyber Attacks, though America rejected the proposal!!! No guessing Why, LMFAO!!!



Michael LeSage
At least Putin takes questions from the press unlike Biden.



Arrogant American media asking questions without respect specially that Afro American lady [from ABC News] who in her own country suffers racism and backslash. Hahaha



World Peace
Don’t think Biden able to answer to the journalists like Putin..



A leader, a true leader, should present and analyse world affairs in this way. Quite a contrast to listening to American cowboys. Thank you Mr President Putin.



lisa solis
Putin calls on randon reporters in his press conference but Slow biden only calls on reporters that he knows wont ask any hard questions of him.



Carlo Magno
The guy is a total unit, long live Putin.



Иванов Иван
Why western journalists ask the same stupid questions in the every interview with Putin??



Steven S. Sadleir, Sai
The American press is propaganda, just like the rest. What an insult to any intelligent viewer of any nation.



minsa pint
That CNN reporter was typically annoying. He asked a question about Russia spying on America when just last month it was revealed that the US was spying on Europe (Reuters: U.S. spied on Merkel and other Europeans through Danish cables – broadcaster DR). He asked about Russian involvement in Ukraine when America is interfering in countries all round the world (Syria, Afghanistan, Iraq, etc).



John Doe
At least this leader will remember what was discussed at the meeting. Don’t rely on Biden he possibly drifted off for a his afternoon nap.



Great for Putin to list out USA murderous human rights records in Afghanistan and Guantanamo Bay and expose American hypocrisy.



Vishal chaturvedi
This man here is just an great geopolitics expert The way he creates pressure on US it’s just insane For those who don’t know he just had an MOU signed with Iran for military satellite just before this summit.. What timing 😁 Love this man❤

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Alex Yakov
Relax US, Nonsense talking Mummy in the White House didn’t fall asleep.



Rollin Shultz
I wish he had said to the CBS journalist let’s talk about the Clinton body count.



Rolf Steiner
Masterful answers and composition and demeanor by Putin. Can’t wait to see Biden talk for an hour in front of the international press. The open questions to Biden will be great. Everyone is no doubt waiting for it.



Jack London
The Leader of the Free World 🌍 Amen.



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