Taliban Says to Attack US Forces After Biden Skips Trump Withdrawal Date (Hmmmm…)

The Taliban is pretty alpha, frankly.

They’re not some moronic terrorist group like ISIS, they’re just a hardcore traditionalist religious government.

They’re not a bunch of retards driving around chopping people’s heads off for no reason.

They’re disciplined and orderly.

They are Islamic, but they’re an embodiment of the ancient mountain tribal ethos.

They’re much like the Fremen in Dune, frankly.

The CIA sent their pansy ISIS faggots to fight the Taliban. ISIS said they were attacking the Taliban because they wear amulets, which ISIS says is against Allah.

Those retards got BTFO.

You watch videos of ISIS and they can’t even shoot guns.

The Taliban is as organized and military-like as you’re going to find in the Islamic world.

One of the amazing neocon achievements, which was startling at the time when I was a teenager aligned to the left by default, was that the US government was able to claim that the Taliban and Al-Qaeda were the same thing.

This is totally and completely false, and there was never even any evidence that the Taliban was protecting Al-Qaeda, or not banning them.

Taliban are ride or die to the max, and they are the number one world example for keeping sluts in check.

They are “The Gold Standard for Thot Patrol,” as it were.

The only people that the US can get to join their stupid “Afghan government” are homosexuals.

Look at these faggot boy-lovers in their Atomwaffen Satan masks, covering their faces like Antifa or virus believers:

Taliban doesn’t cover their faces.

Taliban rolls deep and is just begging a nigga to press them.

I can’t speak for all soldiers, but everyone I know who’s been in Afghanistan has a lot more respect for the Taliban than they do the homosexuals and drug dealers that the US endorses.

American soldiers are told to ignore man-on-boy anal and to protect the opium fields, while they are told to kill the people who are trying to stop homosexualism and drug dealing.

All that said, I do not think the Taliban members are particularly intelligent, just by the nature of things.

It’s not clear if this is really a very smart move.


With former president Donald Trump’s deadline for withdrawal from Afghanistan passed, the Taliban have warned that they may “take action” against US forces before President Joe Biden’s September 11 pullout date.

Saturday marked Trump’s planned withdrawal date from Afghanistan, which the former US leader announced last year. With Biden pledging to withdraw American troops by September 11, Taliban spokesman Zabihullah Mujahid declared that all bets are off between now and then.

“As withdrawal of foreign forces from #Afghanistan by agreed upon May 1st deadline has passed, this violation in principle has opened the way for [Islamic Emirate of Afghanistan] Mujahidin to take every counteraction it deems appropriate against the occupying forces,” he tweeted.


The Mujahidin of IEA will now await what decision the leadership of Islamic Emirate takes in light of the sovereignty, values and higher interests of the country, and will then take action accordingly, Allah willing,” he added in a follow-up tweet.

Coming directly from the Taliban’s spokesman, Mujahid’s warning is about as clear as threats get in Afghanistan.

So, Trump was trying to get out of Afghanistan since before he was president.

Then he was finally ready to do it, and the New York Times published a fake story about the Taliban working with Russians to kill American soldiers for no reason.

It’s since been admitted that the story was fake, but at the time, this fake story was used to prevent Trump from pulling the troops, as that would be… cowering to Russia? I guess?

Trump then set the May 1 date.

That has now come and gone, with Biden saying he’s going to instead withdraw on September 11th as a celebration of 20 years of American-backed mayhem in the Middle East.

As I have said: there is absolutely zero chance he is going to do this. But if I were the Taliban, I would hold off until that date. It’s not that far away. What they are doing by sticking to the Trump date is giving Biden more of an excuse to stay in the country.

But, I guess, there is no chance Biden is actually going to leave, so it really doesn’t matter.

One good reason that democracy is so insanely retarded is that governments are not required to honor deals that previous governments made, which makes it impossible for any nation to negotiate with a democracy.

Donald Trump stupidly abolished the Iran deal made by Obama; now Joe Biden has broken the Trump deal with the Taliban.

Why would any nation even bother doing deals with a democracy?



By Andrew Anglin

Published by Daily Stormer


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