Biden’s Female Director of National Intelligence(DNI) Says Russia, China and Iran are a Threat to America

You see, “Biden is gonna pull out of Afghanistan.”


President Biden will withdraw all remaining U.S. troops from Afghanistan by Sept. 11, the 20th anniversary of the terrorist attacks that prompted America’s involvement in its longest war, a senior administration official told reporters on Tuesday.

Some 2,500 U.S. troops remain in Afghanistan, and as many as 1,000 more special operations forces are also reported to be in the country. There were more than 100,000 at the war’s peak in 2011.

The withdrawal will miss a May 1 deadline that the Trump administration had established in a deal last year with the Taliban, which included provisions for peace talks between Afghanistan’s government and the Taliban that have since faltered.

Your immediate thought is: “well, if he’s gonna pull out, where’s he gonna blow the load?”

According to his DNI, there are many countries which could soon be getting a steaming hot shot of democracy.

Daily Mail:

A new annual threat assessment the Director of Intelligence issued Tuesday warns that Russia and China continue to try to assert themselves at the expense of the U.S. – with lesser powers Iran and North Korea also joining the fray. 

The 27-page report by DNI Avril Haines warns that China’s great power ambitions, along with the coronavirus pandemic and even climate change, will converge to present the U.S. with security challenges.

‘Beijing, Moscow, Tehran, and Pyongyang have demonstrated the capability and intent to advance their interests at the expense of the United States and its allies, despite the pandemic,’ according to the new 2021 Annual Threat Assessment.

The report dropped on a day the White House said President Biden spoke to Russian President Vladimir Putin amid Russia’s military buildup along the Ukrainian border, and Iran said it would enrich Uranium at 60 percent following an attack at its Natanz facility.

‘The effects of the COVID-19 pandemic will continue to strain governments and societies, fueling humanitarian and economic crises, political unrest, and geopolitical competition as countries, such as China and Russia, seek advantage through such avenues as “vaccine diplomacy,” the report cautioned.

What is “seeking advantage through vaccine diplomacy”?

Is it poisoning people with vaccines?

What is in the vaxx, Joe?

Anyway – I don’t believe we’re leaving Afghanistan for the 20th anniversary of 9/11, and I also think that is utterly perverse to say “we’ll end this war for the 20th anniversary celebration of this war.”

That is another thing that shows you that literal tumblr millennials are in charge of Joe’s PR.

BUT – as I’ve said many times, Antony Blinken said before the election, when he was just a foreign policy advisor to Biden 2020, that he wanted to move the military from the Middle East to Asia.

So it’s possible they will chill out on these Moslems for a while – who knows.

Right now, it seems like the main target is clearly Russia.

I guess Joe called Putin? How is he calling people when he can’t even talk?


Russian President Vladimir Putin and his US counterpart, Joe Biden, have discussed tensions in Ukraine, security issues, and the need for nuclear arms control, with the White House proposing a formal meeting in “a third country.”

In a statement published on Tuesday, American officials confirmed that the two leaders had spoken about “a number of regional and global issues.” As part of the talks, Biden was said to have “voiced concerns over the sudden Russia military build-up” on the Crimean Peninsula and along the border with Ukraine, calling upon Moscow “to de-escalate tensions.”

The exchange comes amid widespread fears that fighting in the Donbass region between Kiev’s forces and fighters from Moscow-backed self-declared republics could spill over into a full-blown conflict. The new standoff follows a large-scale mobilisation of troops and materiel by Kiev, which prompted Russia to beef up its own military presence near its Western frontier.

Some in the West have asserted that Moscow may be planning to invade Ukraine, but such claims have been met with dismissal by Russian officials. Meanwhile, in a move widely interpreted as a show of support for Ukraine, Washington has reportedly dispatched two warships to the Black Sea.

The Kremlin has described the situation on the contact line in the Donbass as “frightening,” and Russian diplomats have previously expressed concerns to their American counterparts. However, State Department spokesman Ned Price said Washington was concerned about “credible” reports of Russian troop movements near the shared border, and issued a “call on Russia to refrain from escalatory actions.”

Relations between the two countries have deteriorated markedly in the past few months, with Moscow recalling its ambassador for emergency talks about the future of ties with Washington.

Anatoly Antonov flew home in the wake of an interview in which Biden was asked whether he believed Putin is “a killer.” “Mmhmm, I do,” the US president replied. His words sparked a furious response from numerous Russian officials.

Remember, after Joe did that interview bizarrely referring to Putin as a “killer,” without saying who he killed, Putin offered to do an immediate debate with Biden in any timezone, and Biden said he didn’t have time.

Well, what does this fake President have time for, if not attempting to deescalate tensions with a super-power who it looks like he’s trying to send us to war with?

The media said it was “bizarre” that Putin would suggest a debate!

Why is calling him a killer not the bizarre thing?

Anyway, this is what’s happening.

Total breakdown of relations with everyone, as the new fake American administration continues to try to agitate the whole world.

We’re going to war with someone.



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