Trump, Election, COVID-19, Lockdowns, and “The Great Reset”

The Evidence For A Global Coup!

No matter what political side you are on, it’s important not to dismiss the likelihood that there has been an assault on democracy in the US and certainly a high probability that it’s already well underway here and elsewhere.

Earlier this year I wrote an article about assessing evidence.

It was based much on my career of adjudicating disputes and my assessments of important events such as COVID-19, the UK lockdown, and the war in Syria.

With the world at risk of the entering a new dark phase, I thought it was time to revisit this topic again.

There are two current events where an assessment of evidence is crucial to understand them. Both have sharply competing narratives.

The entrance into a second new UK national lockdown, a decision taken by Boris Johnson, and the US Presidential Election, the results which are disputed and likely to be decided in court.

While much of this will be familiar territory, I thought it would be useful to gather these thoughts, as in the next few weeks we’re likely to be overwhelmed with yet more conflicting information and narratives.

Onus Of Proof

As I said previously, the onus of proof is on the person who makes the assertion. So, the onus is on Boris Johnson to present the evidence that COVID-19 represents a serious risk to society and the NHS, and any measures such as lockdown are proportionate to the collateral damage from these measures.

In America, the onus of proof is on President Trump to show that large scale vote fraud took place, which affected the result of the recent election.

Thresholds Of Evidence

Standards of evidence are different depending on the jurisdiction and setting. In my role adjudicating, our assessments were based on ‘balance of probabilities’. In the more adversial, formal courts, the threshold is usually higher, such as ‘beyond reasonable doubt’.

There’s No Evidence” Syndrome

This is how I describe the attitude of the media and many people I see commenting on Twitter and elsewhere. This type of commentary has appeared in much of the UK media regarding Trump’s allegation of election fraud.

I also come across on the other extreme, people saying the evidence is ‘compelling’ and I suppose Russiagate was a good example where people were expressing views in similar terms, just accepting tittle tattle as fact.

In the Trump scenario, it’s quite wrong to say that there is no evidence or he has provided no evidence of fraud. Testimony itself is evidence, even if what Trump is saying is later proven wrong.

Likewise, the many eyewitness or anecdotal accounts of election fraud are also evidence. It’s just unverified at this early stage.

I suspect the main body of evidence will be tested in the near future, which will consist of the apparent voter registration discrepancies, the counting practices in the disputed states, and sudden changes in the number of votes going to Biden in the early hours.

Likewise, there may well be valid explanations, but these will only be determined out of investigation and verification. Therefore, it’s quite wrong for anyone to say there’s no evidence or that there is compelling case at this point.

In recent days, I’ve had several exchanges on Twitter with some saying there is no case to answer or Trump has a slam dunk case. This one demonstrates my point about people jumping the gun.

Circumstantial Evidence

As we all know, this is simply where events and circumstances support a narrative and other evidence such as forensic and documentary. In the US, it’s very rare for a criminal prosecution to succeed on circumstantial evidence only. But it is still a crucial pointer within the whole investigation process. I’ll look at this further below.

Previous Track Record

This is something I covered in my previous article. Although this wouldn’t necessarily be used or be admissible in all evidence-based settings, it nevertheless provides a good initial pointer. The record of dealing with important events in the wrong way or through lying is a good indicator.

Swine Flu and, Bird Flu outbreaks had hopelessly exaggerated predictions of the potential spread of these viruses. The Iraq, Libya, and Syria regime change wars were all based on a false premise.

And the Democrat Party’s own candidate election process and Russiagate hysteria are all indicators that we are being sold another lie with COVID-19 and lockdown.

I suppose in the interests of balance we could say Trump’s past record of being economical with the truth might suggest he’s grossly exaggerating election fraud.

But with the above timeline of deception, I take the view that the correct default position is to assume the government is wrong or lying unless shown otherwise.

Barriers To Critical Thinking And Assessing Evidence

Here are a few:

Mainstream Media

It’s currently owned by a small number of conflicted, corrupt press barons, is heavily politicised, dumbed-down, hysterical, and fear generating. In this context, even someone with good critical thinking abilities who researches would struggle.

Fear, panic, and the anxiety created serve to overwhelm and confuse the public, so they’re less likely to step back and reflect.

People tend to accept what the media tells them. They seem to think that they are not qualified to research beyond the headlines. Yet most of us have the ability to reason and weigh up evidence.

I’ve had so many conversations with people who’ve simply just accepted a false premise about COVID-19 or lockdown measures and based their entire viewpoint on this information.

Political Bias, Ideology, Tribalism, Distraction

I suspect this was a factor within my Twitter exchange above. People who support a party or ideology tend to have preconceived beliefs. They work the evidence to fit in with their views rather than allowing the evidence to lead to its natural conclusion.

Tribalism too is a factor where people identify with groups and act in a herd-like fashion and simply accept what their peers tell them.

Distraction which is partly media generated pushes people towards other events or narratives so they lose sight of the all-important big picture.

For example, in the Trump scenario, they may focus on one testimony video clip regarding alleged election fraud to reach a conclusion on the entire election.


I regularly come across people who might have concerns for the future but don’t wish to look into it further out of fear of what they may find. Or the reality may be too shocking to accept. I suppose the child abuse scandals are good examples where people have turned the other way.

Although I’m naturally cautious when reviewing evidence, I may be guilty of this myself to some extent in the evolvement of my COVID-19 thinking.

For some time, I accepted the most likely scenario was that the decision making and measures were based on stupidity and incompetence.

Perhaps denial prevented me from seeing a large body of mainly circumstantial evidence that there was something more deliberate and sinister behind things.


This is partly tied up in the above points. Perception is something I’ve written about before. What I find common is people who can accept an alternative narrative but then don’t think through the implications.

For example, I’ve met people who accept that the alleged Douma, Syria incident was staged. Yet, they don’t seem to be able to get their head around the fact that civilians might have been murdered to facilitate the event and the grave risks this incident had on world peace at the time.

I find this in many people when they judge many different events. It’s like criminal behaviour, incompetence, lying, or corruption by the elites in society has become almost normalised within people’s minds.

Conflicts Of Interest

Both COVID-19 and the Trump election narratives are riddled with conflicts of interest. “Follow the money” is a good saying. Since I’ve studied the science and COVID-19, I’ve been amazed at the sharply contrasting scientific viewpoints.

I think much of the explanation is scientists and big research projects (e.g climate change) are funded by governments and philanthropists to reach a pre-determined outcome. If they follow the correct science to its logical conclusion, they will lose their funding streams.

Personally, I have been quite shocked to witness so much of this in the field of medicine. I suppose the classic quotation for this situation is:

It is difficult to get a man to understand something, when his salary depends on his not understanding it.”

The obvious observation I have when looking at many fields, including science, is that most whistleblowers who speak the truth are those who’ve retired or no longer hold a financial interest.

As an example, it will be the retired general spilling the beans on wars of regime change and talking the most sense.


The quote I often hear is “education teaches you what to think, not how to think”. I think this is very true as I see many young people who are intelligent and academically gifted but lack a critical or enquiring mind.

I think this explains why people simply don’t understand how evidence works and they will take a view on their predetermined bias combined with other factors I’ve mentioned. I previously wrote about education in this context here.

These are my evidence-based conclusions over these events, which I think will define our future.

Trump Election

As I said, the onus is on Team Trump to supply the evidence needed to demonstrate that large-scale election fraud occurred, plus was a likely deciding factor in the result of the election.

On the face of it, he has provided a body of evidence worthy of further investigation, certainly in terms of possible anomalies in voter registrations, deceased people votes, and the decisions to stop counting in some states before they swung in Biden’s direction.

The track record of the Democrats in their own candidate selection, their role in Russiagate, and the overwhelming bias of the media and ‘Deep State’ towards Biden should set off alarm bells.

The evidence threshold may well be high in the courts but a fair way of dealing with the concerns following an initial investigation might be a ‘balance of probabilities’ test followed by a robust examination of the evidence in the courts.

To dismiss the evidence at this point, or say it is compelling at this early stage would be nonsensical, a symptom of the causes listed above.

COVID-19 And Lockdown

As I have mentioned, the onus is on Johnson and his government to prove that lockdowns and social distancing measures work. And we are now 8 months down the line and the picture is clearer.

The statistics show that this virus has a mortality rate comparable with the flu. There has been no evidence which shows that lockdown measures such as social distancing or masks have had any effect.

And numerous scientists confirm that the pandemic ended in late spring and there is no ‘second wave’. The government is conducting huge numbers of PCR tests with false positive rates which cast doubt over their use.

These tests are identifying more ’cases’, the majority of which have no symptoms or are picking up other remnants of virus in our bodies.

My judgement is that Johnson and his government have not discharged the onus of proof at any level since the virus took hold in early spring.

In fact, the sheer volume of evidence which has been produced since has made a mockery of the government’s data, its interpretation, the ‘science’, and perhaps most crucially in terms of the totally disproportionate effect on physical and mental health, education, and the economy.

In summary, the government hasn’t produced a bare morsel of evidence and at times their arguments have been akin to saying the moon is made of cheese and expecting everyone to believe it, this illusion sustained by the fear and panic they’ve created.

Even if their figures stood up to proper scrutiny, the effects of the measures in terms of collateral damage far outweigh any benefits the measures have had. Put simply, it is a scandal on a scale never seen before.

The Great Reset

The Great Reset is an agenda which promotes a social and economic ‘reset’ in countries around the world. It’s a not a new agenda and this is not meant to be some new revelation. The question is, does the evidence now suggest this agenda is currently being implemented under the guise of a pandemic?

Following a more recent look at the so-called ‘reset’ agenda, for me the puzzle pieces have now slotted in place.

Earlier on, I believed that gross stupidity, incompetence. and trying to find an exit strategy without exposure were the most logical reasons behind the COVID-19 decision making.

Initially, I couldn’t reconcile the differences in states in the world and measures taken by each government towards even a loosely co-ordinated agenda of economic and social reset.

The first reason I believe we are heading towards some type of economic and social reset promoted by unelected billionaires and other technocrats is because after 8 months it is now too much of a stretch to accept repeated stupidity and incompetence as reasons.

The decision-making at every turn has been the opposite of what would have made the most sense when dealing with a pandemic.

My view is that they have used COVID-19 as a convenient vehicle to push through the reset agenda.

The mainly circumstantial but I think strong evidence concerns the agenda of the World Economic Forum (WEF), particularly (Klaus Schwab, who resembles a James Bond villain. This organisation makes no secret of the reset and the discussions it held at previous events attended by world leaders.

Biden and Johnson have adopted the same slogans of this organisation, such as ‘build back better’.

The agenda is presented as dealing with climate change and other challenges such as sustainability, wealth distribution, and social justice. But it is all very sinister when you realise who might be involved and what the likely details are.

The World Health Organisation, the United Nations, and unelected billionaires like Bill Gates and Prince Charles seem to be driving this agenda.

As many of us will be aware, the state-affiliated giants Twitter and Facebook are censoring and banning people, including scientists who dispute the COVID-19 narrative and question lockdowns.

The BBC and mainstream media have taken it upon themselves to ‘fact-check’ the more outlandish theories about COVID-19 while ignoring valid concerns over the accuracy of government data and proportion.

Therefore, the impression is created that all people who oppose lockdowns are anti-vaccine or conspiracy theorists. This coverage is now very noticeable for its bias, suggesting co-ordination between state and media.

The many references to COVID-19 by the WEF and administering vaccines and talk of issuing health passports are probably one of the most disturbing aspects and resemble China’s social credit system, a system which operates on social control, compliance, and sanctions.

This so-called ‘New World Order’ seems to be geared towards transferring wealth to the elites running it in exchange for debt relief and eventually to a society where individuals don’t own property.

In order to create this new world and get people’s acceptance, I believe a climate of fear, control, and dependence on the state is their early goal. Small businesses have been destroyed and health ruined under the cloak of a false ‘second wave’ pandemic.

The constant exaggeration and misrepresentation of the data and science by the government is to keep the fraud going towards implementation of these plans.

The global elites haven’t yet fully declared their hand.

But the subtle messages appearing all around us and collective material about the reset are there in plain sight for those who care to look. The circumstantial evidence, including how the COVID-19 pandemic has played out to fit in with this agenda, is too substantial to ignore.

In summary, if this is the agenda, then it is nothing less than a global coup.


In my previous article, I suggested that the general public should take time to calmly reflect on the evidence. Since then, there has been an awakening with more people calling out the faulty science and destructive measures.

But as we move into a worrying new phase, I think we need to put the message out that a sinister agenda seems to be playing out in the shadows. Our economy, health, and lives have been deliberately wrecked in its pursuit. I don’t believe this is about COVID-19, if it ever was.

The questions which remain for me are how far developed is this plan, how powerful are those behind it, and how far have their tentacles spread within the corridors of power and state institutions?

Once these plans become more obvious to us through awakening and realisation or through implementation, the question will then be whether it can be stopped in its tracks or if mass civil unrest be the scenario?

I believe the US election is tied into the COVID-19 pandemic. If Biden steps into power, then the reset could be a reality. With Trump, there’s perhaps a chance it can be stopped.

It wouldn’t surprise me with this going on that the forces which have been trying to remove Trump for 4 years have massively rigged the election.

No matter what political side you are on, it’s important not to dismiss the likelihood that there has been an assault on democracy in the US and certainly a high probability that it’s already well underway here and elsewhere.



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