Lukashenko Sent Unpublished Parts of Alleged Berlin-Warsaw Talks on Navalny to Russia: “ALL Methods are GOOD in WAR!”

On Friday, Belarusian state-run media released a recording of the alleged conversation about Navalny, who recently emerged from a coma in a hospital in Berlin. The recording features an alleged German representative saying it is not really important to confirm the poisoning, since “all methods are good in war”.

Belarus has transferred unpublished parts of the alleged talks on Navalny’s health condition between Poland and Germany to the Head of the Russian Security Service, President Lukashenko said in an interview to Russian journalists on Tuesday, according to one of the interviewers, Roman Babayan.

“I cannot provide the original quote, but I will tell you the essence. He [Lukasheko] said: ‘We have all this conversation, do you want to listen?’ We said we certainly wanted! He told us: ‘Then ask the head of Russia’s FSB, he will let you listen to it, as I have given him the recording … You cannot even imagine what kind of information we have!” Babayan said, as aired by the Moscow Talks radio station.

Last week, Belarusian state-run media released a recording of the alleged conversation about Navalny, who is currently undergoing treatment in a hospital in Berlin. The recording, allegedly intercepted by Minsk, was denounced as a fake by the German government.

The German government said last week that traces of a nerve agent from the Novichok group had been detected in Navalny’s system. Moscow said Russian doctors had found no toxic substances before he was transported to Germany and that Berlin has provided no evidence to support its claims.

On Monday, Berlin’s Charite hospital announced that the politician’s condition had improved and he was woken up from an induced coma.


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