Exclusive: Report of US Seizure of Iranian Fuel Cargoes FALSE

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Are The Reports Of US Seizure Of Four Iranian Oil Tankers Headed For Venezuela A Massive Hoax?

I want to turn away from the COVID-19 bullshit, for once again there are some other MAJOR issues happening elsewhere in the world that some readers and commentators have asked for my ‘two cents worth’ to find out the REAL truth…

One in particular was the reports coming out via the Jewish controlled media outlets about the US supposedly ‘seizing’ 4 Iranian ‘tankers’ that were heading to the embattled nation of Venezuela carrying some 1.1 Million tonnes of Gasoline……

I saw those initial reports, and from the vagueness of those reports including the lack of real details about this ‘seizure’, I smelled a rat instantly…. I began to think as a critical thinker and a pessimist, that there is a LOT more to this ‘seizure’ than meets the eye and that it may indeed be nothing but pure propaganda BULLSHIT….

Well, knowing how much the Jewish controlled media lies their asses off these days (especially with the scam-demic bullshit..) I knew I had to turn to other sources to determine what exactly just happened with this “tanker seizure” that the US government continues to claim as valid…

And I do want to now turn to the following report that comes from the PressTV online news service out if Iran at www.presstv.ir, that shows that the entire report of the ‘seizure of Iranian tankers’ is absolutely false.. Here is that report here:


A report that the United States has seized Iranian fuel cargoes aboard ships bound for Venezuela is false, an informed Iranian source has told Press TV.

The informed source explained on Friday that the fuel shipments in question had already been purchased and paid for and that neither the vessels carrying them nor the shipments themselves were related to Iran.

The Wall Street Journal had on Thursday cited US officials as saying that the US government had for the first time seized vessels allegedly carrying Iranian gasoline to Venezuela.

It said the US had recently seized four vessels, called Luna, Pandi, Bering, and Bella, on the high seas and they were being transferred to Houston, Texas.

Iran’s Ambassador to Venezuela Hojjat Soltani had already rejected the report as another “lie” and an instance of “psychological warfare.”

“Neither the tankers are Iranian, nor their owner or flags have anything to do with Iran,” he said in a Twitter post on Thursday.

Soltani said that the fake news aimed to cover up the failure of the US administration’s policy toward Iran.

Iran sent five ships carrying Iranian fuel to Venezuela in May and June to help revive oil refineries in the South American country, which is suffering from a severe fuel shortage as a result of US sanctions.

The Iranian shipments — sent on Iranian-flagged vessels and operated by Iranian crew — drew the ire of the United States, which has imposed draconian sanctions on both Iran and Venezuela with the aim of choking off their oil revenues.


By Press TV


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