A Photo Gallery: DPRK TODAY

[Editor’s note: The following photos are originally published by two South Korean major news services, <Yonghap News> and <News 1> in July 4, 2020. For the sake of our global readers’ very basic and objective understanding of “North Korea Today”, <The 21st Century> Editorial Board decided to republish the following photos which we believe plainly depict who they are, what they do, how they do, what they hope, and what they dream about their future, etc. When you go through the photos presented below, we’d like to remind our viewers to keep in mind the following historical facts that DPRK has been ceaselessly sanctioned and blockaded by US-led “Anti-North Korea” global isolation, starvation, and suffocation strategy (aka, the “regime change” strategy) ever since 1950-53 Korean War. As a matter of fact, DPRK was in complete ruin after the war in July 27, 1953.]


[The following photos were originally published by <Yonhap News> in Seoul, Korea.]

[The following photos originally were published by <News 1> in Seoul, Korea.]



Originally published by Yonhap News and News 1 in Seoul, Korea


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